Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just, Eeewww

The past couple days there have been a few things skeeving me out and I felt like sharing with the world wide web. Not much gets to me, I have three cats with litter boxes and puke. Plus I clean two bathrooms once a week (or so) and I have a job that entails cleaning up dirty dishes every day. These things just put me over the edge.

We have nice clean bathrooms at work with Febreeze in every stall just in case. The last couple times I've been in there I look down and see someone has unrolled the toilet paper far enough down so it is touching the floor. First of all I don't understand how this happens. When I get ready to use the toilet paper I figure out how much I need and I pull it off. Done, period. Who is sitting there just unrolling the paper mindlessly? I just cannot use TP that has been touching the floor no matter how clean the bathroom is. So I usually end up tearing it off and throwing it away.

Second, I know the gym is not a clean place. A bunch of sweaty people walking around and touching stuff. I can usually just do what I need to do and then wash my hands like a psycho after I'm done. They provide the mystery fluid in a spray bottle that you're supposed to use to wipe down the equipment. It's probably just water but it's the thought that counts, right? The last FOUR times I've been there I've seen big sweaty people get off the ab benches and just walk away. Ugh! No one wants to clean up your puddles of stinky sweat. So now I have to choose whether to clean it off or just skip it. I know, if I had any balls I would yell at those people to clean up their own damn mess but....I don't. I just passive-aggressively bitch about it on a blog.

Last (this was totally my fault) but I found a super moldy tupperware in the back of the fridge. I am usually good about cleaning out the fridge but somehow this got away from me. I opened up a old container of mac and cheese that was muti-colored with mold. I don't have a garbage disposal so I would have had to touch it to put it in the trash. Because I'm a princess I just threw the whole thing away.

And now that you'll never come back and are possible gagging, have a great day!

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