Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Address, Wilmington NC

It's been a 10 days. I could have blogged last week but I was overwhelmed at the amount of stuff I had to write about so, of course, I wrote nothing. I made it to Wilmington and due to some last minute and lucky aligning of the universe I was able to take Friday off (last Friday, the 23rd) so I could take care of some last minute details and hit the road.

My fantastically amazing Cincinnati friends kept offering me delicious food so I had three nights of "last dinners" which was sad but because we broke up into smaller groups I was able to spend time with all of them. And it gave me an excuse to break up the massive house scrub and drink some wine. While I don't mind straightening a house and prefer to keep my house clean-ish I can tell you that I will never be able to fall back on a career as a housekeeper. I'm too happy to sweep a dust bunny back under the couch than actually pick it up. And if you come visit, please don't judge me for the amount of dust on the taller cabinets I can't see.

The reunion with the Captain was everything I hoped for and more. We were staying at his parents for the weekend until the movers came on Monday so pretty much all we did was sleep late, eat tasty but unhealthy foods, take a nap, more food and then a movie or TV if we weren't otherwise "occupied". I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that this isn't just a visit but that I get to see him EVERY day!

Monday the movers came and we stood in the front yard and checked off boxes and directed where things should go. Turns out pale kids like the Captain and myself should not be morons and wear sunscreen. I was wearing a tank top and got a red nose and shoulders but poor Captain got a raging farmer's tan/burn.

Tuesday the Captain and I packed up all the stuff he had at his parent's house and carried it (in the 80 degree weather with humidity) and carried it over to the new house. I really wanted to spend the night that night so we worked on our bedroom and bathroom. The Captain's parents were so sweet to let us (and three wild cats) stay with them but I have to admit there's nothing better than collapsing into your own queen-size bed with your pillows and snuggly husband beside you.

Wednesday the Captain had to go back to work so we would have a little money and I unpacked boxes for about 8 hours straight. I got most things done except for the formal living room which is right now a home for about a million empty boxes and anything we don't know what to do with. We did get internet so yay! That night I met the Captain and some work friends to watch them play beach volleyball. I wanted to make a good impression so I actually did something to my hair and wore a cute outfit. And then I got to the location and it was cold and drizzling and everyone else had gym clothes on. So I met a bunch of new people in a ratty sweatshirt I had in my car and super frizzy hair. At least we were all in the same boat. It was fun and nice to put faces to names the Captain had been talking about for three months.

Today I met the cable guy (yay, tv!) and ran a bunch of errands. We're going to an out-of-town baby shower and then to stay with my parents on Saturday so I needed to get things somewhat organized.

I'm feeling pretty happy about the whole situation and except for a refrigerator that is not getting cold and drips water into a bucket that has to be emptied every 10 hours, the house is great and I have a huge closet.

Next on the list, operation "Find C a job so she stops going to Target and spending all our non-existent money"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok, New Plan....

Instead of freaking out on my blog I'll have really supportive friends and family rally around me and help me get things done while making me laugh, buying me drinks and taking my mind off everything. My good friend came in town and ran errands for me, cleaned out my freezer and poured strawberry margaritas down my throat. My online friends sent me nice messages of support.

So I'm ahead of my list, relaxed and have two new amazing pairs of jeans in my closet. Nice.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy as a Stressed Out and Crabby Bee

First I want to thank everyone who's been commenting on my little corner of the web. When I started this thing it was really just for my amusement. I can't describe how nice it is having a little positive reinforcement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In one week I will be moving 4 states away. Due to a few shitty issues coming up at the same time I will be taking only one day off from work and will be working 1/2 day the morning I drive to NC. Also, I have maybe overscheduled myself a smidge during the next week. Here's my schedule:
-best friend comes in town
-dress up to see Jen Lancaster! I'm so excited! (Do you like how I act like we have a special dinner planned instead of sitting with a million other people at a book store while I try not to act like an ass when she signs my book?)
-drink strawberry margaritas at my house until our tongues turn red or we pass out
-Best friend leaves (boo)
-Take clothes to Goodwill
-Return Library books
-Clean out car
-Going Away Party (!) with lots of drinks (yay!)
-Pack suitcase to last me a week including but not limited to grungy cleaning/moving clothes, two nicer work outfits, interview suit and a bathing suit (since I'm moving to the beach!)
-Put everything I don't want packed by movers in a closet
-Clean house
-Run last minute errands like buying book on tape for drive and cat food for starving kitties
-Wash sheets on guest bed
-Work all day
-Ship cable box and internet back to Time Warner (Nooo, mai preshus!)
-Make dish for last book club ever
-Get guest room ready
-Clean out fridge/freezer
-Possibly do some yard work IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING
-Work all day
-Race to last book club ever
-Meet aunt and uncle at my house
-Get up at super early hour to say good-bye to aunt and uncle
-Meet movers
-Cleaning up dirty floors, a million cat toys and tumbleweeds of cat hair as movers lift heavy furniture that has not moved since movers put furniture into my house
-Check into hotel
-Work all day (7:00 am to 5:00 pm)
-Go back to house to finish cleaning
-Work 1/2 day (6:00 am to 12:00 pm)
-Pick up cats, load car and drive 11 hours to NC!

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Notice I have no time for paralyzing feelings of inadequacy, sadness at leaving amazing friends, sleep, lying awake for the hours of 2am to 5am thinking about all the things I'm forgetting, feeling guilty for leaving cats in house with no furniture, etc. which has been taking up most of my time the past three days. I just moved in February of 07 and yet I had forgotten how unsettling this all is. I'm mood swinging every hour between "oh, this is cake" to "HOLY CRAP THIS IS HARD!"

Basically this super long post is an excuse for why you (and of course I mean you, the internet) may not hear from me until next week. Or next month.
Send help.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Midwest Spring?

I've lived here for over a year now. I experienced Spring last year, in this house. But I don't remember this weather. I guess I'm spoiled by living in the South but shouldn't it be warm by now? I'm positive I spent most of my birthdays with my friends and family at the lake, eating fried chicken, brownie cake and swimming. I have pictures of everyone in bathing suits.

So why is is 47 degrees right now??? This is not bathing suit weather! My birthday is next week and it's not going to be bathing suit weather then either. Saturday was nice and warm. I sat outside in shorts and a tank top. Sunday was in the 60's and raining. This morning it was 40 with a high of 67 this afternoon. Is this normal? Is everyone used to a spring where you wear flannel pajamas to bed? Where you wear a tank-top under a short-sleeved shirt under a jacket with jeans and sandals. I'm cold by nature but I absolutely refuse to turn my heat on in the middle of May. So I've got extra quilts on my bed and haven't put my winter clothes in storage. But my office has the AC on since it's "spring".

Don't worry, in a few weeks I'll be in NC whining about the heat. But right now, I'm looking forward to it.

**Only 3 more days until I get to meet Jen Lancaster! My best friend is coming up, we're putting on our fancy dresses, having some drinks and preparing to laugh our asses off! Squee!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Done

It has been raining all day. Not a single minute without the tap, tap, tap of rain on the sky lights. There's little rivlets of water in the basement. I can't go outside and walk around. I could go shopping but I'm saving all my pennies for the move. So I've been in the house all day. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a lazy day of watching TV. But I still feel a little anxious about the move and it's killing me that I can't really DO anything right now. The things I need to pack are the things going in the car with me. And if I have to pack them in the car it means it's stuff I need every day. I wish the movers were coming tomorrow. I'm super ready to see my husband and start living as a married couple again. Bah Humbug.
I need more ice cream cake.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Friday!

You know what makes a rainy Friday afternoon of a super long week a little better?
Unexpected Ice Cream Cake! And it was delicious.


Mother's Day is this weekend and I've been thinking about what to get my mom and mother-in-law. People have very different ideas about what's a "good" gift. Obviously preferences and tastes will vary. My mom hates shopping and always asks for practical gifts. For example, one year she wanted a new deviled egg plate. I don't know why but we've always given her nightgowns as gifts also. I guess because she wears them and when we were little she would give up buying something for herself so that we could have new clothes. She also has a favorite candy that we buy her. My MIL has a rule that none of her gifts can have electric cords. I think it's because my FIL loves tools and would buy her gadgets every year if he could. Also, she has two sons. My sister-in-law gets her beautiful jewelry now that she's old enough to shop on her own.

My birthday is at the end of the month so I'm also thinking about gifts for me. My idea of a good gift is something that I wouldn't normally buy for myself. Although I LOVE getting flowers and candy is always appreciated the traditional romantic gifts are not necessarily my favorite. The Captain is great at remembering little things I mentioned that I wanted and now forgot. Also, since he grew up with the "no cords" rule he is great at getting me sparkly, pretty things. My sisters have amazing style and their gifts to me are always something I love but would never think to get for myself. My brother makes great mix CD's and blends my nerdy favorites with cool new stuff. Last year he included the Fraggle Rock theme song and Frank Sinatra along with The Killers , The White Stripes and The Rolling Stones. How could you not love it?

I think we all have that one friend or family member that gets us the crazy gift every year. The one that makes you say "Really? That's what you think I like?" (in your mind of course). I had a great aunt that used to get everyone wild stuff including finger cymbals, bonsai golf course, toy accordion and glow in the dark pillow cases. And I know, it's the thought that counts and I should be happy I get gifts at all and there are people all over the world who dream about having a glow in the dark pillow case. (See with the sarcasm people? No angry letter please)

My biggest gift is seeing Captain Awesome again. And since we haven't sold the house and I have no job lined up in NC we will be very tight on money so I don't really expect anything big. But I can dream right? So here's my dream list:
1. New vacuum cleaner-especially a pet hair one. Our vacuum is the Captain's from his college apartment, 9 years ago. It's a little beat up and was recently used to clean up from a toilet repair job so when used it has a musty smell.
2. Luggage. We got some when we were married but we have worn it out. Our favorite bag has broken wheels and holes in it.
3. Running Shoes. I want some nice ones and since I've actually been using them at the gym instead of to run errands they are getting a little gross.
4. Blender. One word....Margaritas! and Milk Shakes (ok, three words)
5. Trips with the Captain. Anywhere and any time.

So what are your dream gifts?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Scene: me driving alone in my car, attempting to sing along to the Wicked soundtrack (which has been in my CD player for months now because, again, the obsessions.)

Me: Hmm, kind of a boring day. What should I have for dinner? Why is my voice not even close to as awesome as Kristin Chenworth? Oh look, someone walking their dog. I better be sure not to run them over with my car.
Brain: Oh yeah. Remember that time in college when you were walking to class and you totally ate it on the sidewalk in front of everyone?
Me: Wha?!?
Brain: You remember, it was a nice day around lunch and you were wearing black platform heels to climb mountains?

Me: Oh My God, why would you bring this back to me? Really, black platform heels?
Brain: Heehee, remember when that car actually pulled over to make sure you were ok since a crowd gathered around your sprawled body?
Me: No, I have no memories of that. *puts hands over ears* let's talk about something else.
Brain: But what about our trip down memory lane?
Me: I'm going to go home to sit in a dark room. Thanks Brain.

Please internet friends, reassure me that I'm not the
only crazy person around who randomly remembers my most embarrassing moments? And it's never really related to what's going on around me. The other day while sweeping the kitchen floor I remembered a time during my catering days when a dinner I was in charge of was late and the guests were all standing in a long line waiting for the food.

Why brain why? Why do I never remember the good hair days or the sunshine picnics when unicorns jumped over rainbows? Ah yes, the crazy. Never letting me down for 27 years.

P.S. Hi new people the beautiful Janet sent over! It is sad but true and also embarrassing. The Red Power Ranger (Jason, to his friends) was one of my childhood crushes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gimme More

When I find something I like I go a little crazy. Whether it's a person, a place, a TV show or especially food. Obviously I have some impulse issues. Sometimes my obsessions can be helpful. Like when I met Captain Awesome and I wanted to be around him all the time and eventually tricked him into marrying me. Or like when I got into going to the gym. I threw myself into it and went 5 to 6 times a week. Sometimes it doesn't affect things like when I started watching Girl's Next Door and TiVo'd every episode and was online "researching" the show.

And then there's food. I like a lot of variety in my diet but I easily get into ruts. Like the time I bought several pounds of cherries and ate them in one afternoon, by myself. Needless to say I was a tad uncomfortable that evening and did a tiny bit of whining and complaining (read: a, more than that). Captain Awesome has encouraged me to not buy quite so many cherries at one time. After my first delectable bite of Tandorri chicken I was hooked. I begged Captain to eat Indian many times per week and may have pouted a little when he forced me to eat something else.

So this weekend watermelon was 39 cents per pound at the store. (Can you see where this is going?) I got a watermelon "filet" (seriously, it's called a filet! I think because it's a big piece of watermelon with the rind cut off. The name alone sold me). I got home, cut it up and put it in a large tupperware container so I could eat it throughout the week. But I had some time before I was supposed to meet some friends so I ate a little bit. And when I got home I had a little more. And I had it for breakfast on Sunday. And as my mid-morning snack, and for lunch. And.....
Do I need to go on? I had eaten it all in two days. But I still want more. Excuse me, I have to go somewhere.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Doormat or Good Friend

There is a big range on the friend scale. Starting with people that you see regularly, maybe at work, but you don't really make plans with. Working in a big company there are plenty of people I make small talk with on the elevator and meet for the occasional lunch but we never see each other outside of work. Then there are old friends that have seen you through the awkward years of childhood or teens and have seen and accepted all the changes that come with growing up. These people you can see after two years and conversation just flows. They're almost like family.

But between the casual and the intimate there is a big gray area. Everyone knows it gets trickier to meet people the older you get. There's a divide between singles, marrieds and people with kids. Not to say you can't be friends with people in the other category but there is a comfort in knowing someone is going through the same things you are. Most people meet friends through work or by joining clubs. Sometimes you are introduced by a spouse or another friend. Ofter you see them in a big group for a while. Then you have the awkward friend first date when you get together one on one to see if you actually like each other. If you do, then you make time in your schedule to meet or talk or just keep in contact.

When we moved to Cincinnati, Captain Awesome made friends quickly with the people he worked with. I was slower in meeting people but I put myself out there and joined a couple book clubs, made an effort to get out of the house and slowly, I formed a circle of friends that I really enjoy. My book club has introduced me to women that make me laugh and teach me new things. We are diverse enough that there is always at least one person up for an activity. I have been to some amazing restaurants and been able to explore Cincinnati thanks to these amazing women.

And then there's this other friend. I'll call her Jewel for the sake of the story. I met Jewel because her husband worked with the Captain. Before I was working I would meet him and some co-workers for lunch and one time she came. She had a flexible schedule and seemed nice so we exchanged numbers. We did things together and although on paper we seemed like a good match, we had a lot of differences. And not the good kind. I didn't like the way she and her husband would fight constantly when we met them for dinner. I didn't agree with her conservative values. I felt like she was always trying to prove how cosmopolitan and sophisticated she was. But I had no idea how to get out of this friendship. She didn't really have many friends in town and I sometimes had a good time when we got together. She is really good hearted. She was always willing to take care of the cats when we went on vacation and was super supportive after the Captain left.

So what to do? I don't think it's worth it to hurt her feelings especially since I'm leaving in a month and will most likely not keep in touch. But I am annoyed with her constant calls. Because I am a wuss and hate to say no I feel pressured into meeting with her even though I don't want to. I childishly screen her calls and make up excuses. I don't have answers and probably won't figure it out. I will probably meet with her a couple more times before I leave and will give myself a time limit so I can gracefully leave. So am I being a doormat by not addressing the problems and standing up to her, or am I being nice and letting this relationship die naturally.

The one thing I do know is that I won't let my issues with Jewel affect my friendship with my book club friends. I will continue to have fun and laugh and eat with them. I hope I will be able to stay in touch with them and I hope I can take their senses of adventure with me to NC and use it to meet more friends.