Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Scene: me driving alone in my car, attempting to sing along to the Wicked soundtrack (which has been in my CD player for months now because, again, the obsessions.)

Me: Hmm, kind of a boring day. What should I have for dinner? Why is my voice not even close to as awesome as Kristin Chenworth? Oh look, someone walking their dog. I better be sure not to run them over with my car.
Brain: Oh yeah. Remember that time in college when you were walking to class and you totally ate it on the sidewalk in front of everyone?
Me: Wha?!?
Brain: You remember, it was a nice day around lunch and you were wearing black platform heels to climb mountains?

Me: Oh My God, why would you bring this back to me? Really, black platform heels?
Brain: Heehee, remember when that car actually pulled over to make sure you were ok since a crowd gathered around your sprawled body?
Me: No, I have no memories of that. *puts hands over ears* let's talk about something else.
Brain: But what about our trip down memory lane?
Me: I'm going to go home to sit in a dark room. Thanks Brain.

Please internet friends, reassure me that I'm not the
only crazy person around who randomly remembers my most embarrassing moments? And it's never really related to what's going on around me. The other day while sweeping the kitchen floor I remembered a time during my catering days when a dinner I was in charge of was late and the guests were all standing in a long line waiting for the food.

Why brain why? Why do I never remember the good hair days or the sunshine picnics when unicorns jumped over rainbows? Ah yes, the crazy. Never letting me down for 27 years.

P.S. Hi new people the beautiful Janet sent over! It is sad but true and also embarrassing. The Red Power Ranger (Jason, to his friends) was one of my childhood crushes.


L Sass said...

Long live the Red Power Ranger! Excellent crust... far less weird than the Fox Robin Hood!

Captain Awesome said...

Another example of why we are so good together - I totally had the hots for the Pink Ranger.

btw - How stereotyped were those rangers? The girl is Pink, the black guy is Black, the asian girl is Yellow, all they were missing was a gay Rainbow Ranger.