Friday, May 9, 2008


Mother's Day is this weekend and I've been thinking about what to get my mom and mother-in-law. People have very different ideas about what's a "good" gift. Obviously preferences and tastes will vary. My mom hates shopping and always asks for practical gifts. For example, one year she wanted a new deviled egg plate. I don't know why but we've always given her nightgowns as gifts also. I guess because she wears them and when we were little she would give up buying something for herself so that we could have new clothes. She also has a favorite candy that we buy her. My MIL has a rule that none of her gifts can have electric cords. I think it's because my FIL loves tools and would buy her gadgets every year if he could. Also, she has two sons. My sister-in-law gets her beautiful jewelry now that she's old enough to shop on her own.

My birthday is at the end of the month so I'm also thinking about gifts for me. My idea of a good gift is something that I wouldn't normally buy for myself. Although I LOVE getting flowers and candy is always appreciated the traditional romantic gifts are not necessarily my favorite. The Captain is great at remembering little things I mentioned that I wanted and now forgot. Also, since he grew up with the "no cords" rule he is great at getting me sparkly, pretty things. My sisters have amazing style and their gifts to me are always something I love but would never think to get for myself. My brother makes great mix CD's and blends my nerdy favorites with cool new stuff. Last year he included the Fraggle Rock theme song and Frank Sinatra along with The Killers , The White Stripes and The Rolling Stones. How could you not love it?

I think we all have that one friend or family member that gets us the crazy gift every year. The one that makes you say "Really? That's what you think I like?" (in your mind of course). I had a great aunt that used to get everyone wild stuff including finger cymbals, bonsai golf course, toy accordion and glow in the dark pillow cases. And I know, it's the thought that counts and I should be happy I get gifts at all and there are people all over the world who dream about having a glow in the dark pillow case. (See with the sarcasm people? No angry letter please)

My biggest gift is seeing Captain Awesome again. And since we haven't sold the house and I have no job lined up in NC we will be very tight on money so I don't really expect anything big. But I can dream right? So here's my dream list:
1. New vacuum cleaner-especially a pet hair one. Our vacuum is the Captain's from his college apartment, 9 years ago. It's a little beat up and was recently used to clean up from a toilet repair job so when used it has a musty smell.
2. Luggage. We got some when we were married but we have worn it out. Our favorite bag has broken wheels and holes in it.
3. Running Shoes. I want some nice ones and since I've actually been using them at the gym instead of to run errands they are getting a little gross.
4. Blender. One word....Margaritas! and Milk Shakes (ok, three words)
5. Trips with the Captain. Anywhere and any time.

So what are your dream gifts?

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Wickedly Scarlett said...

Oh, I'm so glad trips count--that would be my dream gift for sure! As far as an actual physical item right now my dream gift would be a small flat screen tv with dvd player that I could mount on the wall in front of my elliptical machine :) Someday!