Monday, July 28, 2008

Here We Go Again

I've now lived in Wilmington for 2 months. The house still needs work but we're pretty settled in. It's time for me to leave the comfort of my "temporary" job and get back to reality. I enjoy this job and the hours. I'm busy without being stressed and I don't really have to think about what to wear in the mornings.

But the pay is just not going to cut it if we're going to pay our bills and put a little money in the bank for a baby someday. I HATE looking for a job. I love working and being busy but the searching, sending resumes, interviewing and then the waiting parts suck. The higher paying jobs I'm qualified for are going to be sales jobs. I get stressed working on commission and having to be "on" all the time. I've been thinking about it a lot this weekend and I need to get over myself. The Captain is not pressuring me to make this change but I know what he makes and what our bills are. I need to put on my big girl pants and start looking around. I really want to have kids sooner than later and that won't/can't happen until we're more settled financially. So, here goes nothing. If you hear of anything in Wilmington NC that pays a lot please, just call me. Otherwise, expect some complain-y posts about interviews, job searching, etc. I promise to try to keep them short.

The Company Clean

This is a phrase my poor dad came up with when we were all living at home. It's what happens when you realize that strangers are coming into your house in several hours and it looks like a tornado passed through. My mom LOVES to entertain and all their friends assume my parents will host all holiday, celebrations, get-together parties at their house. So pretty much every weekend my mom would organize us and we would sweep through the house. I'm sure they don't do this anymore since their messy children moved out and they can actually keep the place looking good.

It's my policy to not stress myself out about housecleaning during the week. We try to keep the pile of dishes to a managable height and I pick up dirty socks left on the living room floor *cough Captain cough*. Also, the Captain makes the bed in the morning since he gets to sleep later then me. But otherwise, I can ignore the cat hair tumbleweeds and dust on the book case until the weekend.

On Friday morning I got a call from one of my best friends from Raleigh. We haven't seen each other since March 07 but we keep in touch. He and his sister (also a friend) were in town at the beach and they wanted to see the house and take me out for drinks. My mouth said "Yay, see you later" but my brain said "Oh God No!". My friend P has amazing taste and his house looks like a page out of Architectural Digest. I have not managed to paint any rooms and just hung a pictures a couple weeks ago. Plus, I hadn't really done anything to the house all week. Luckily The Captain did dishes on Wednesday so the kitchen was in decent shape. I ran home and spent an hour frantically cleaning, sweeping, wiping and hiding piles of junk mail and clean but not hung up laundry. (It just occured to me I still never got that basket out of the Captain's closet, oops.)

By the time they arrived I was dressed in cute clothes with a clean (ish) house. It was amazing to see them and we started talking like we picked up like we see each other every day. They tried to convince me to go to Raleigh with them and hang out. I was tempted but as much as I love them, I need to build a group of friends in Wilmington instead of running to Raleigh every weekend. But it's nice knowing if I need them, they're there for me. And also that I can clean the house in an hour if I need to.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reason #1,564,988 Why I Love Captain Awesome

Scene: Driving to a late dinner last night down a very sparsely populated road. We pass an older woman crossing the road in a casual black dress and carrying a tan bath towel.

Me: "Where's she going and/or coming from? There's no streets around here."

Captain (in a completely serious voice): "Probably someone invited her to an above-ground pool party"

Me: !?!?
Me:"Why above-ground pool?"

Captain: "Would you invite a woman like that to your in-ground pool party?"

Me: driving off the road laughing.

Of course he was joking, please no emails from angry above-ground pool owners or older women that walk around with towels. I'm sure you're all lovely people.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Book Club Update

6 amazing women + 5 bottles of wine + cake AND cheese= awesome!

I'm a little tipsy but yay new bookclub. We spent 10 minute talking about the book and 4+ hours drinking wine, telling stories and laughing. We already have plans for the weekend. When we met I wasn't sure since we were all stiff and formal but I like the dynamic and that we all have different stories.

And I was worried that I would come across as a drunk but EVERY single person brought a bottle of wine. I heart the bookclub.

P.S. My brother is 24 years old and getting his masters but tonight called me because he was trying to buy a "stretchy sheet" and couldn't find one. Luckily my sister was able to help and told him to look for the secret words "fitted sheet". Success!

Performance Anxiety

Although I consider myself a shy person I don't usually have too much trouble meeting people when I move to a new place. When we moved to Cincinnati I met an amazing group of women in a bookclub on Craigslist.

And I met several freak-shows through other Craigslist/Meetup things. My favorite was the woman I met advertising a walking partner who wanted to meet at 6am on Saturday to walk through a graveyard. In her defense it was summer so 6am was cooler. But the first thing she said was a warning that she was sore after her one night stand last night and she was going to her grandmother's funeral later that day. !?!? Nice to meet you too, weirdo.

But the bookclub women were super nice and fun and didn't mention sexual exploits or dead relatives during our first meetings. We had similar interests and at least once a week I met at least one of them to have dinner, go to a festival, see a movie, get a drink, etc. They were totally my lifeline while the Captain was in NC and I was still in OH. When I had to leave we ended up having about 4 good-bye dinners because I couldn't face leaving them.

Flash forward to NC. I haven't really made an effort to meet anyone. Partial out of laziness but mostly because I'm not ready to go through the whole relationship cycle again. When I left Raleigh friends it really hurt and then it happened all over again in Cincinnati. I know this sounds crazy but I'm just not ready to deal with it again. I know, dramatic much?

The Captain got tired of me whining about having nothing to do and in a loving way forced me to look around for another book club or group to join. I found one, on Craigslist again, that seemed encouraging. They're just starting so there's no pre-formed cliques I'll have to conform to. They posted their lists of books they want to read and I also want to read most of them. The first meeting (which I couldn't go to-read wussed out because I was having a really bad hair day) was held at a bar which is always a good sign. Tonight is the first actual meeting. I read the book which I actually really liked even though I never would have picked it up on my own. I talked everyone into bringing snacks and wine and I'm having a decent hair day. So tonight at 6pm I'll be drinking wine and hopefully making friends. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Thank God for wine.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Get Nothing Done This Weekend, Check

Last week I was exhausted all week. Not just a little tired but I can't keep my eyes open crabby tired. I finally figured out Friday night I was getting a cold. I decided to follow the old adage "starve a fever, drown a cold in amazing red wine" and drank my way through half a bottle of Gnarly Head Zin. The Captain kept me company and we watched several cheesy movies like Unzipped and Loaded Weapon.

Saturday I slept until almost noon then The Captain dragged me off to Chick-fil-A for lunch. I dragged him to Lowes so we could get supplies for some home improvement-type things like paint and plumbing. But when we got home, I ended up playing on the computer and then taking a nap. We replenished ourselves from our hard day with a carb-y spaghetti/garlic bread dinner.

Sunday I slept late again which is totally un-like me. We went to lunch at PT's an amazing grill place that serves lemon-pepper fries. We stopped at Harris Teeter for a few things which ended up costing a million dollars. I'm almost to the point I can't decide if it's more expensive to eat out or buy groceries. We went to a matinee of Batman so The Captain would be left out of the conversations this week. I am a huge wuss about scary/violent movies but I did want to see it. It was scary and disturbing and sad and gory but it was really good. I've had a mini-crush on Christian Bale since Newsies so I was looking forward to seeing him. But really all the acting was really really good. I was blown away by Heath Ledger but Aaron Eckhart stole the show by acting with-out over acting an entire range of emotions.
When we got home I actually did laundry and my amazing He-Man husband replaced the drain AND shower head in the bathroom.

Today I'm still congested and tired but feel rested for the first time. Now it's time for my nap.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Things That are Making Me Crazy (Superficial Version)

Since no one wants the lava of crazy that is constantly bubbling in my head lately to spew out and create a Pompeii version of my life, I am going to slowly release some of the pressure by listing the stupid things people do that make me stabby. Count your blessings this isn't a long and rambling post about my l
You're welcome and feel free to add your own.

-When I answer the phone hearing a stranger ask "Who's this?" Learn to stop dialing random numbers or KNOW WHO YOU'RE CALLING!

-That my email is blocked by the spam filter at work even after being promised it would be fixed but I can see bloglines and blogger which are even more time sucking.

-Radio commercials. There is nothing but screaming about sales or "hilarious" voices selling everything from bug spray to waffles. Just play some damn music.

-Being cold. Ok, if it's winter or something I can get over it. But do we really need it to be 60 inside if it's 89 outside? Maybe I should amend this to be air conditioning in general.

-Domestic chores. I just did laundry and there's only two of us. How is the basket full again?

-Snoring. Anyone who has a partner who snores is nodding their head. Everyone else, I hate you.

-Fax Machines.

Now, so you all don't think I'm a hateful crotchety old lady a list of things that are making me happy recently:
Good Indian food cooked by my own little hands (go me!), my snuggly kitties who make me laugh, my sweet husband who doesn't complain about me never taking the trash to the curb or bringing the empty cans back, leaving early on Fridays, finding new blogs that seem to be writing the story of my life, sleeping in two days in a row.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can I Get a Personal Chef?

I am a horrible cook. There, it's out there. And not in the way that people say it as they serve a gourmet meal but they forgot the home-made chanterelle butter for their home-made rolls. In the, I attempted turkey burgers that turned into little dry, hard lumps, kind of way.

But I'm trying. I've started planning menus each Saturday so I know what's coming up. I also try one new dish a week and it's actually been fun. I have made casseroles, pasta dishes, and some ethnic foods. The one thing I always fail at is meat. I think that I'm so paranoid about under-cooking it I end sucking all the moisture and taste out. But again, I'm trying.

I went grocery shopping last night for a couple things I needed for the week's menus. Mostly boring stuff like mushrooms, applesauce and tortillas. And chicken breast. I stopped at a grocery I don't normally go to because I had some other errands to run which was on the shadier side of town. When gas drops below $2/gal I'll drive to the ritzier neighborhoods but until then, where ever I am is where I get my food.

I wait until the end to pick out my meat because I'm a wuss and it still grosses me out. So I took a breath and stared into the frozen wasteland of pink, slimy chicken. And the first think I lay my eyes on? A lovely package of "Chicken Paws". It's exactly what you think. A sterile white styrafoam tray of pale clammy chicken feet. With toe-nails.
OMG toe-nails. And then I died. The End.

Actually I grabbed a package of a brand I recognized and ran away. I'm supposed to cook chicken tonight in a curry sauce I found and am looking forward to. But those toe-nails will haunt me in my dreams.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vern and Ernest

Did you ever watch this show?

Hey Vern, It's Ernest

We used to watch it Saturday mornings after PeeWee's Playhouse. It was super silly and there are now like 100 movies based on the character.

*Quick rambling, the movie Earnest Goes to Camp was one of my families favorite movies. I know, sad. But there is a song called "Gee I'm Glad it Raining" which is seriously one of the saddest songs EVER. My sister and I would watch it with tears streaming down our faces. At an Earnest movie. We're so weird.

My bosses are AMAZINGLY nice and take care of me and buy me Cokes and breakfast when I'm tired. One of them constantly says "Know what I mean?" And every single time, in my mind, I add "Vern"

It's a sickness.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Heart My Family but....

Over July 4th weekend my entire family (all 8 plus a dog) got together at the beach. That in itself is a miracle since we're all busy and have our own lives. We originally didn't think it would happen but my parents sent the word they were going and anyone could join them. And slowly, we all were able to clear our schedules and meet at Pine Knoll Shores.

My dad's cousin has a winter home there and my family is in charge of keeping it up during the summer-awesome! It's a nice 2 bedroom house in a neighborhood walking distance to the beach. Are you doing the math in your head now? 8 people + 1 dog + 2 bedrooms = craziness. My sister and I are both married so throw in a couple in-laws and I dare anyone to try to blend those different schedules. We all brought blow up mattresses for the loft area and theoretically it would have been a fun slumber party type weekend.

We all learned that we love each other but we could never live together again. I am a super old lady and go to bed early. My brother is a grad student and lives in his lab so he's up until 3 or 4 am and sleeps late. My other sister has normalish hours but is a night person and my youngest sister keeps college hours.

We also learned that lots of alcohol does not lead to "inside voices". In the past we've rented a house on the beach so the loud, excuse me "late-night" people can go sit on the beach and scream so us grandma-types can be snoring away at 10pm. Also, when the grandma-types get up at 8 or 9 we can go to the beach and not wake up the sleeping/hung-over beauties. Apparently my mom loves doing dishes early in the morning which is not what you want to hear after 3 hours sleep.

The Captain is not really a beach person and I was surprised that he agreed to go. He also hurt his knee a couple weeks ago so he's been limping around. (He is scheduling his orthroscopic surgery this week!) So it sucked that he was just kind of laying around the house watching TV. Honestly, it upset me more than him. I was bummed that we weren't spending time together during the day and he is a late night person so we didn't really even share a bed/blow-up mattress that much. I'm dealing with some things regarding the move and relocation that all kind of came to a head but it's pretty much impossible to fight while your entire family is around you at all times. But we had a good talk on the drive home and got a lot of things out in the open.

I feel like I'm making it sound bad which it really wasn't. We haven't all been together in forever so the first night we were all screaming laughing and telling stories about each other. We had some awesome dinners and my brother-in-law made a seafood feast Saturday night. I got to take long walks with my mom and giggle late (ok 10pm) into the night with my sisters. The weather was gorgeous and we didn't get any rain until the last day when we were packing up anyway. We agreed that we can't wait to do it again but next time we all get together we're buying an industrial size pack of ear-plugs and less alcohol.

Of course I'm just kidding about the alcohol.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So, How Was Your Month?

I took an un-official blogging break. I moved back in with Captain Awesome, moved to a new city, got a job and a new house. I also had some stuff come up in my life I didn't feel like I could talk about with the whole world. And then, I kind of just got out of the habit of sitting down each night with the computer. I originally started blogging as a way to pass the time while the Captain and I were apart. So it seemed a little counter-productive to spend time away from him to blog.

Now I'm ready to pick it back up so in order to slowly ramp up I'm stealing an idea from the amazing Janet.

Love/Hate New(ish) Job Edition:

Love: The dress code is super casual-jeans everyday if I want!!
Hate: The office is freezing so I usually wear jeans and a cute top... covered by a sweater (ok, hoodie)
Love: When I make a half-ass attempt to dress up I get lots of compliments.

Love: I leave at 4pm Mon-Thurs and 3pm on Fridays
Hate: I have to be there at 7am which means leaving my house at 6:30-too early for me

Love: I pass a Krsipy Kreme on my way to work
Hate: I pass a Krispy Kreme on my way to work and doughnuts don't help me fit into my jeans.

Love: The only other women in the office is the owner's mother so I win for cutest!
Hate: I miss having lots of women around me.

Love: Two words: Overtime Pay.
Hate: I don't make much money since I'm basically a fancy receptionist.

Love: I control the radio and can listen to whatever I want (mostly)
Hate: We're in the sticks so we don't get many signals

Love: Customer service jobs are super fun and I get to meet new people every day.
Hate: For every 10 great people I meet there is 1 crazy or mean person.

Love: I interact mostly with contractors or builders (think muscle-y, tan)
Hate: Although they may be easy on the eyes, working all day in the heat makes them not so easy on the nose.

Love: I have a job! Even though it's not ideal it is mostly pretty great and gets me out of the house. My small paycheck lets me buy the occasional new clothes, iced coffee, groceries...

I really am going to make an attempt to post more regularly and comment on all my favorite blogs.