Monday, July 21, 2008

Get Nothing Done This Weekend, Check

Last week I was exhausted all week. Not just a little tired but I can't keep my eyes open crabby tired. I finally figured out Friday night I was getting a cold. I decided to follow the old adage "starve a fever, drown a cold in amazing red wine" and drank my way through half a bottle of Gnarly Head Zin. The Captain kept me company and we watched several cheesy movies like Unzipped and Loaded Weapon.

Saturday I slept until almost noon then The Captain dragged me off to Chick-fil-A for lunch. I dragged him to Lowes so we could get supplies for some home improvement-type things like paint and plumbing. But when we got home, I ended up playing on the computer and then taking a nap. We replenished ourselves from our hard day with a carb-y spaghetti/garlic bread dinner.

Sunday I slept late again which is totally un-like me. We went to lunch at PT's an amazing grill place that serves lemon-pepper fries. We stopped at Harris Teeter for a few things which ended up costing a million dollars. I'm almost to the point I can't decide if it's more expensive to eat out or buy groceries. We went to a matinee of Batman so The Captain would be left out of the conversations this week. I am a huge wuss about scary/violent movies but I did want to see it. It was scary and disturbing and sad and gory but it was really good. I've had a mini-crush on Christian Bale since Newsies so I was looking forward to seeing him. But really all the acting was really really good. I was blown away by Heath Ledger but Aaron Eckhart stole the show by acting with-out over acting an entire range of emotions.
When we got home I actually did laundry and my amazing He-Man husband replaced the drain AND shower head in the bathroom.

Today I'm still congested and tired but feel rested for the first time. Now it's time for my nap.


liz said...

hey!!! i didn't know you had a blog. i am going to stalk you now. we miss you! i am going to catch up on your life now and i will talk to you soon!

liz said...

awwww celia, i just read your post about that night we went out to the cock and bull in covington. i miss you so much... that was like one of my favorite nights ever in 2 years in cincinnati and actually maybe ever! i loved that it was so spontaneous and fun and i am sad we can't do it again.

i am sitting here sweating my ass off reading your blog. i haven't been lazy on a weeknight in so long and it is so fun to catch up on everything that's been going on w/ you. i really hope you are doing great in NC but cincinnati is not the same w/out you! :(

liz said...

ok i am now becoming a comment stalker. i am just writing this time to tell you that i am about to write you a big long huge email to fill you in on everything that's been going on w/ me (it's been insane) so be ready! i want to call you but also i am just not really in the mood to talk on the phone tonight (i sometimes really hate the phone). anyway though do not feel like you have to write me a long email back (i hate that kind of pressure). i just want to fill you in on everything now that i have read your blog!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Sorry to hear you've got a cold, but I think your approach to curing it is a FABULOUS idea. I might take some preventative measures and open a bottle of vino this afternoon, just to be safe.

I'm nervous about seeing the new Batman, too, because I don't handle violence all that well....