Friday, July 18, 2008

Things That are Making Me Crazy (Superficial Version)

Since no one wants the lava of crazy that is constantly bubbling in my head lately to spew out and create a Pompeii version of my life, I am going to slowly release some of the pressure by listing the stupid things people do that make me stabby. Count your blessings this isn't a long and rambling post about my l
You're welcome and feel free to add your own.

-When I answer the phone hearing a stranger ask "Who's this?" Learn to stop dialing random numbers or KNOW WHO YOU'RE CALLING!

-That my email is blocked by the spam filter at work even after being promised it would be fixed but I can see bloglines and blogger which are even more time sucking.

-Radio commercials. There is nothing but screaming about sales or "hilarious" voices selling everything from bug spray to waffles. Just play some damn music.

-Being cold. Ok, if it's winter or something I can get over it. But do we really need it to be 60 inside if it's 89 outside? Maybe I should amend this to be air conditioning in general.

-Domestic chores. I just did laundry and there's only two of us. How is the basket full again?

-Snoring. Anyone who has a partner who snores is nodding their head. Everyone else, I hate you.

-Fax Machines.

Now, so you all don't think I'm a hateful crotchety old lady a list of things that are making me happy recently:
Good Indian food cooked by my own little hands (go me!), my snuggly kitties who make me laugh, my sweet husband who doesn't complain about me never taking the trash to the curb or bringing the empty cans back, leaving early on Fridays, finding new blogs that seem to be writing the story of my life, sleeping in two days in a row.

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