Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So, How Was Your Month?

I took an un-official blogging break. I moved back in with Captain Awesome, moved to a new city, got a job and a new house. I also had some stuff come up in my life I didn't feel like I could talk about with the whole world. And then, I kind of just got out of the habit of sitting down each night with the computer. I originally started blogging as a way to pass the time while the Captain and I were apart. So it seemed a little counter-productive to spend time away from him to blog.

Now I'm ready to pick it back up so in order to slowly ramp up I'm stealing an idea from the amazing Janet.

Love/Hate New(ish) Job Edition:

Love: The dress code is super casual-jeans everyday if I want!!
Hate: The office is freezing so I usually wear jeans and a cute top... covered by a sweater (ok, hoodie)
Love: When I make a half-ass attempt to dress up I get lots of compliments.

Love: I leave at 4pm Mon-Thurs and 3pm on Fridays
Hate: I have to be there at 7am which means leaving my house at 6:30-too early for me

Love: I pass a Krsipy Kreme on my way to work
Hate: I pass a Krispy Kreme on my way to work and doughnuts don't help me fit into my jeans.

Love: The only other women in the office is the owner's mother so I win for cutest!
Hate: I miss having lots of women around me.

Love: Two words: Overtime Pay.
Hate: I don't make much money since I'm basically a fancy receptionist.

Love: I control the radio and can listen to whatever I want (mostly)
Hate: We're in the sticks so we don't get many signals

Love: Customer service jobs are super fun and I get to meet new people every day.
Hate: For every 10 great people I meet there is 1 crazy or mean person.

Love: I interact mostly with contractors or builders (think muscle-y, tan)
Hate: Although they may be easy on the eyes, working all day in the heat makes them not so easy on the nose.

Love: I have a job! Even though it's not ideal it is mostly pretty great and gets me out of the house. My small paycheck lets me buy the occasional new clothes, iced coffee, groceries...

I really am going to make an attempt to post more regularly and comment on all my favorite blogs.

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L Sass said...

Sounds like overall the new job is super! Hooray!