Friday, June 6, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Still Complaining

I truely am happy to be in Wilmington with the Captain and our family. I love our new house and it has great potential for fun projects like replacing light fixtures and painting which I love. I got two weeks off to set up the house where I could sleep in (even though I didn't), eat whatever I want, hang out with my SIL, and veg out on the couch during the really hot days.

My FIL has some clients who are looking for a receptionist and I met with them yesterday. They offered me the job on the spot which was flattering. I can't believe I'm about to say this after my super complainy last post but...I don't think I want this job.
Pros: Easy work, off all weekends and holidays, small family-run business, casual dress (shorts and jeans every day!)
Cons: Hours are 7am to 4pm which means up at 5:15 every morning, not actually using my college degree, pay is much lower than I need, place is far out in the sticks, and the worst...
They don't use computers! No computers in the whole place. No email or internet for the entire day. I could look at it as a positive and cleanse myself of my additiction to the tubes and wires of the web. But right now my only reaction is NOOOOOO while waving my fists in to the sky.

I spoke to the owner and we agreed that I could work for about 4 weeks and then we could re-evaluate with no hard feelings. I will be out of the house and bringing a little money in. It will give them time to find someone who wants the job full time. And I may love it and be able to negotiate a higher salary. So I start Monday! What do I wear?!?

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L Sass said...

Sounds like you wear shorts!

I think you are right not to get stuck in a job where you don't use your degree, though. That is a recipe for misery. Is there any way for you to advance?