Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting to know you

Wow, how to describe myself....I'm going to steal the numbered list idea from the rest of blogworld. We'll see if I get to 100.
1. I am a redhead
2. Yes, that means I have a quick temper
3. But usually I am pretty calm (this is a lie)
4. I am short, my entire family is taller than me and my baby sister never lets me forget it
5. In a loving way of course
6. I have one brother and two sisters who I love and am close to
7. I'm the oldest (late 20's)
8. I have the sterotypical oldest child traits
9. People pleaser, rule follower, love to be the boss of people
10. I am also close to my parents
11. They all still live in the South and I miss them like crazy
12. Most of my extended family lives in the North so it's been great to see them more often since we moved in Feb '07
13. I have been married for 5 1/2 years
14. My husband is handsome and makes me laugh harder than anyone else I've ever met
15. We have a lot of stupid inside jokes
16. He is incredibly smart and logical
17. We balance each other out since I'm more driven by my emotions
18. Yes, I cry at all sad movies and some happy ones and any time I get angry
19. We met in college but went to separate schools 3 hours apart
20. We knew we would get married after 3 dates
21. We got married right out of college
22. Lots of people thought we wouldn't make it because we were too young
23. He loves cats and convinced me to adopt one
24. Now we have THREE
25. I love them all and treat them like my children and always tell them about my day (and ask about their's)
26. I have a business degree
27. My concentration was Hospitality Management
28. I have had some amazing jobs because of this
29. My internship was to plan weddings at a beautiful historic home
30. I love planning weddings and working with brides
31. The downside is that you work every weekend
32. I have worked in hotels, off-premise catering and corporate catering
33. I am a terrible cook
34. I also am not a good baker
35. I'm trying to get better
36. My mom, mother-in-law and sisters are all great cooks
37. My husband is the ultimate brunch maker
38. I could eat his egg and cheese sandwiches every day
39. That could sound dirty but really isn't
40. He doesn't eat beef or pork for health reasons
41. It makes cooking tricky
42. I have learned a lot about turkey and chicken products and how to substitute them
43. I love to read
44. I prefer to get books from the library than buy them
45. One of my favorite books is The Shell Seekers by Rosamond Pilcher
46. I like almost all genres, mysteries, chick-lit, biographies, fiction, etc.
47. I am learning to love more classics and love getting suggestions for new authors
48. I am in a book club that is really more a dinner club that sometimes read books
49. We always eat delicious food and I tried Korean food for the first time with them last month
50. My husband and I watch too much TV
51. Thank God for DVR
52. I can't live without it anymore
53. I constantly try to fast forward through commercials while watching live TV
54. My must watch shows are Ugly Betty, Talk Soup, Girls Next Door and Project Runway
55. I also love CSI and CSI New York
56. You could not pay me to watch CSI Miami
57. I have never seen an episode of Survivor or American Idol
58. Friends has been my favorite show since it started
59. I wish I was a Rachel but I think I am actually a Monica
60. I was born in New York City
61. I do NOT consider myself a New Yorker
62. My family moved to a tiny town in the south when I was 7
63. I did not learn to ride a bike or swim until we moved down
64. We had woods and a creek behind our house which was awesome
65. My town had one elementary school, middle school and high school that all had the same mascot
66. So I was a Cougar most of my life
67. I was a Mountaineer in college
68. It was a hillbilly stereotype with a moonshine jug, tattered overalls and a shotgun
69. I went to school at Appalachian State University in western NC
70. For my PE credits I took skiing and snowboarding for 2 years
71. I'm a decent skier but a terrible snowboarder
72. I am "goofy" which means I'm right handed but my left foot is dominant
73. Any time it was nice I was on the Appalachian Trail
74. For four years I saw the meteor showers in the mountains with no city lights to block the sky
75. I still feel at home in the mountains and want to move back when I get old
76. Nothing beats Fall in the mountains
77. Since I have red hair I have pale skin and burn really easily
78. I love the beach but I am the loser with tons of sunblock on and a long sleeve shirt
79. I have never been tan
80. My freckles get bigger and grow together so I can sometimes fool people
81. Self tanner is my friend
82. We will be moving to the beach in a couple months
83. This has inspired me to start working out
84. Everyone in my family is naturally skinny except me
85. My mom gives me clothes that are too big for her
86. I HATE running
87. I now run 3 times a week
88. I hate it less now
89. I love my Zumba class at the gym
90. It's latin dance aerobics
91. I am a big hot mess on the dance floor
92. Unless I've been drinking and then I'm super good
93. I like drinking
94. Wine, mixed drinks, sometimes beer
95. I prefer red wine with dinner and mixed drinks when I go out
96. When I go to a bar I can't stand to sit down
97. I sing really loudly in my car
98. And I think I sound really awesome
99. I can't wait to type more on this blog
100. 100 things is really hard!

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