Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I Blog

I've been reading all these blogs and now I want to explain why I want blog. It's probably a little narcissistic, the whole "look-at-me" thing. But it's really not so much making people think I'm funny or cool. I'm not that funny, at least intentionally. I really can't tell a joke at all usually I start laughing in the middle of telling it and I can't finish. I do crack myself up all the time and I have a bad habit of just blurting out my thoughts without really thinking about what I'm saying. Maybe not funny but I always laugh. And I am a huge nerd.

The main reason I chose to start now is that my husband, Captain Awesome and I will be moving back South. His new job started early January which leaves me here to sell the house, wrap up loose ends and continue with life in general while he gets things settled down there. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about the move. We get to be closer to our families and live at the beach, plus sweet tea with every meal and people who say "y'all" again!! I just hate being unsettled like this. I am a planner by nature but to me the most important part of planning is actually making things happen and right now I'm straddling two worlds. I can't start living my new life but I can't finish things here. The housing market is terrible plus the house has been on the market over the holidays so I feel like this may never end!! Plus, the Captain isn't around to listen to my day and make me laugh and let me release some emotions. And yes, we talk on the phone but it's not the same. It makes me feel for all the people who have loved ones in far away places. So I guess I'm hoping this blog will let me get out my thoughts.

Yes, I am a crack pot cat lady and tell my cats about my day when I get home. And I also let them tell me about their days. They're pretty boring, usually playing, eating, naps and then sometimes an argument but sometimes siblings argue. That's them, I wish I could take naps at my job some days.

Have I lost everyone? Well my mom thinks I'm cool. A Simpson's reference? Now there's no hope of sitting at the cool kid's table.

I swear this blog will not be a big pity party. I do work so it's not like I'm a hermit. And it's given me a great excuse to go to the gym. (Yay losing 1 1/2 pounds this week.....only 23 1/2 to go!) I can eat whatever I want whenever I want (Mmm chicken and avocado sandwich) and I can watch terrible TV without anyone *cough Captain Awesome cough* making fun of me. Also, I have an amazing group of friends who take me to movies and feed me drinks.

So I guess the short version is I miss the Captain and I want to be settled but I am very happy with my life.

Some things to be happy about today...

The amazing and perfect bag that Captain Awesome got me for Christmas (Love it!!)

Illegally imported beer (we can't get it in Ohio, I have no idea why. If anyone knows please tell me....anyone?....Bueller?)

And for you cat lovers out there, the first picture of the beautiful purse, thanks Kitty Boy!

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