Friday, January 25, 2008

Cranky McCrazypants and Randomness

I've been kind of crabby and blah the last couple days so I decided to wait and blog until I was a little more pepped up. I was diagnosed with Hypo-glycemia last year which basically means that my blood sugar TANKS about 2 hours after I eat. I've always noticed the shakes and feeling crappy but I never really thought about it. The other fun side effect (for me-I am not a doctor-even though I play one on TV) is that I become a psychotic devil. I am usually pretty even tempered but I will mentally snap when my blood sugar gets low. I get SUPER angry and say things I don't mean which is bad enough but I am conscious of not controlling it. Seriously, once I was walking to my parking garage starting to feel bad and a woman I didn't know started walking in front of me. Just walking, not slow or anythin. No problem right? Not for crazy McCrazy, in my mind I called her bad words and then started crying because I couldn't control it. It happened again on the following Sunday so Captain Awesome took me to Waffle House. (I know it seems gross and dirty but their food is AMAZING. It's the only place up North where I can get good grits and sweet tea! Yum) After I ate (because he's smart) he VERY nicely and calmly said he had noticed it before but it was getting worse. I felt really bad about it and went to my super smart doctor who diagnosed me. There's no "cure" but I just need to eat small meals throughout the day so I don't get to the 2 hour hell.

But now the Captain is far far away and I have been going to the gym 5 days a week and trying to eat healthier so some things have changed. I have noticed the crabbyness but put it off to Cap'n Awesome being gone and the stress of moving. Last night I skipped the gym and sat down to a turkey burger w/ cheese and salad (alright-and some cookies) and after I ate I felt good-happy even. The big huge lightbulb went off (some of you are screaming FINALLY at me) and I realized I have not been taking care of my body. I pride myself on knowing when things are "off" for me and it makes me frustrated that I keep missing this. So from now on I am going to make sure I eat my afternoon snack an hour before the gym and eat a fuller but still healthy dinner when I get home. I hope this will help and I can be my usual charming witty self again. :)

Now for some random thoughts...
-When I was a kid (elementary school) I rode the bus with about 8 other kids from our neighborhood. When it was cold enough to see our breath we would always pretend to be smoking when cars drove by. It cracked us up and I can't figure it out now. Maybe we were trying to be rebellious, or cool or maybe we were just punch drunk from standing the freaking cold at 7:15 AM.

-Hello my name is Celia and I am a car dancer. Whenever I hear a song I like I dance along with arm motions, facial expressions and shoulder pops. I am a loser.

-I heart electric blankets. I grew up in an area that didn't have cold for very long so I'd never experienced the wonder of getting into a pre-warmed bed on a cold night. Captain Awesome hates them and I will have to retire it when I finally move back down South but for now I am loving it. I also get a lot more kitty love when I have a warm blanket over me,

-It was 7 degrees outside when I left my house this morning, SEVEN!!! The high today is 19. That is ridiculous. Who decided on these crap temperatures and why do I have to go outside in them? Everyone at work is getting excited about the "heat wave" coming next Monday when it will be 50. Northerners are crazy.

-I will most likely bust my ass at some point today because of pure laziness. I got an amazing pair of brown boots at a store-closing sale for like 15 cents. The first time I wore them (which was of course the next day because I have no self control) I lost the rubber heel thingy. That was about 2 years ago. I keep thinking "I should spend the $10 and get these fixed" but do I? Of course not. That's not the saddest part. I have four other pairs of shoes/boots just like this. That's why we don't have nice things.

-I love Fridays, not the kind of gross restaurant chain which seriously? TGIF? Just so slangy and dated plus the white and red stripes and crap on the walls. Ugh. Sorry-I'm back. So Friday I have 2 whole days off coming up and I can sleep in and do whatever I want. So full of possibilities and big plans. And then I usually end up in bed by 9 because I'm a grandma. Captain Awesome knows to not even take me out Friday night because I end up saying things like "Wow, 8 o'clock, it sure is getting late" or "Aren't you getting tired?" or "Where's my Pollident and hard candy young man?" (Get it? Like a Grandma?)

-My younger sister got an amazing promotion at work yesterday and I am so proud of her! She is 2 years younger than me but I admire her so much. She is gorgous and SO smart at handling money. She and her fiance saved for 3 years and just bought a house. She got promoted to a better area where her job is not dependant of grants for funding so yay job safety and a raise. Her new boss told her that they NEVER promote from the administrative group her work was so stand-out they couldn't pass her up. Hooray L!

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