Monday, February 4, 2008

I Need to Get Over Myself

I meant every word I wrote in the last post but it was so depressing that I needed to replace it. So I decided to steal an idea I've seen on a lot of blogs that are cooler than mine. Just go to Google and type in "(Your name) Needs" and see what comes up. Here's what I got...

-Celia needs to stimulate or increase her activation, bringing it up into the optimal range
Basically Celia has a big ass and needs to get it off the sofa. I'm trying! Jeez Internet, get off my case.

-Cecilia needs more social interaction with boys her age
Hmmm, I haven't seen Captain Awesome since January so I would definitely like more interaction with him. Only 18 more days! bow chicka wow wow

-Celia needs is a glow-in-the-dark plastic computer angel
Really who doesn't? Is the glow-in-the dark really useful though. If I'm at my computer I'm rarely, if ever sitting in the dark. I guess if I had that angel I could. I could also use a plastic Jesus for my dashboard.

-I think Celia needs a life

Man, the Googlers are mean. Going to bed at 9pm on Friday is cool, right? RIGHT?

-Celia needs an escort to the Sinnoh Elite Four Lucian
I'm not sure what this means but I'm assuming it's a fabulous social event that may require a ball gown.

-Celia needs to be in an engaging, interactive and supportive environment to learn.
It's true. I don't learn well sitting by myself in a dark room.

-Celia needs parents?
The questions mark was part of the statement. I don't know why it would be a question. Who wouldn't need parents? Although I do have amazing parents and in-laws that I consider my second parents. So I guess I don't need parents after all.

-Celia needs a fenced yard to play in

I prefer hiking in the woods (hee hee I just typed hicking) so I don't know about the fenced in yard. I do constantly get lost so maybe they're just trying to protect me.

-Celia needs as many people as possible to sign a petition that she can continue her good work till all cats are safe
You already know I'm a crazy cat lady. If I had a petition to save cats you bet your ass I'd make you sign it.

-Oh, and does anyone else think that Celia needs a Tony?
Yes! My car singing and dancing have finally been noticed by the world. I'm going to be a star!

-Celia needs to recognize that a budget is a continually changing thing
Boo budgets, I suck at saving.

-Celia needs to know what to do with her giant wads of cash
Mmmm Giant wads of cash *drooling* I'd start with paying off all my bills (see, responsible) then give our families some money. Then buy real estate in NYC, England and some kind of ski lodge. Step 3: PROFIT!!

On an unrelated note I got a hilarious spam message today from Ferdie Peden. She wanted to know if I wanted to "InCrEaSe the size of my WEENER. I don't know why the mis-spelling cracked me up but I seriously laughed at my desk for 5 minutes. Maybe someday you can be as cool as me.

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