Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm Ba-ack

When I started this blog I promised to write every other day......well never mind. So I had kind of a shitty end of the week and I didn't feel like writting another "poor me" post to bore everyone. I did have a good work-out week and tried Pilates for the first time. Man, that hurts but in a good way. Then even though the house is officially off the market we had a realtor call about a showing on Saturday! So there was drama trying to find someone to crate the cats during the showing. Why do I hate asking for help? I have great friends who always offer to help me but I would rather cancel a trip to see my elderly grandparents that admit I need help. I also was getting frustrated at Captain Awesome because I was stuck taking care of everything. In the end I broke down and got help.

The weekend was great and super relaxing. It was FREEZING so my planned Saturday run was cancelled in favor of watching a movie. I slept in a cozy mattress with a duvet and got lots of rest. Also ate pretty much the entire time. I forgot how much I miss someone taking care of me. So it was amazing and I feel a million times better. I will make an effort next week to write more.

Stay Warm!

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