Sunday, March 16, 2008

Loony Lister

I love making lists. I am a natural planner and worrier so lists are a great way for me to plan and get things off my mind. If I don't write stuff down then I will stew and get anxious. Thoughts will swirl around (especially at night) until they eventually overwhelm me. Writting things down puts things in perspective.

My entire family are listmakers. Some of my earliest memories are my entire family sitting around the kitchen table making packing lists for vacations or chore lists for the weekends. My sister, L, is getting married and while I've been making packing/chore lists she's been making "To Do" lists and my mom has been making more lists. It's a sickness, I know.

Last week I created a calendar and wrote in all the stuff I want to get done before I leave town for the wedding. Saturday I got LOTS of crap done. Here's my list for Saturday:
Meet with Accountant-check!
Go to Library-check!
Clean house-Check (ish) I straightened but not scrubbing
Pick Up Perscription-Check!
Hair Trimmed-Check!

Also I met with some friends and had some drinks in North Side Saturday night. Yay Me!

And then today I slept late and sat on the couch watching a marathon of What Not To Wear and eating lots of crap including my new favorite snack ever dark chocolate dipped dried apricots. Which was not on my list. Oh screw the list today.

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