Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Post Where I Avoid the Real Issues

This week has been rough at Chez C. The strain of being apart from Captain Awesome is starting to get me down plus money stuff, house stuff, job stuff blah blah blah. Basically it culminated in a big melt down Tuesday night. I have a confession, Hi my name is C and I am a crier. At sad movies, at songs (the first time I heard Sarabeth by Rascal Flatts I was sobbing), when I'm happy but I cry the most when I'm angry/frustrated. It's one of the few ways I allow bad feelings to be expressed. My repression of anger/sadness can be saved for a whole nother post. I actually like the release and I always feel amazing afterwards. Like this is the saddest I can be, there's nowhere to go but up. Although outlook is better I will never be described as a pretty crier. Unless you think red face, swollen eyes and dripping snot are pretty. So long, gross story short, I cried, I talked to Captain Awesome, I feel better. Nothing has actually been fixed but talking it out with my best friend plus a little emotional purge helped.

Why I really wrote this post is to mentally smack everyone who did not force me to watch my new favorite show America's Next Top Model. This is not a Captain Awesome show and we just got DVR and I taped (recorded, saved, whatever-you know what I mean) the last few episodes and I am officially hooked. I totally called the last two eliminations and I heart the drama. I'm kind of over Tyra since she tries SO hard but she's only in the last few minutes so I can survive. So yeah, loving this show.

Now back to more avoidance techniques, la la la. Look a pretty pony!

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