Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowday on a Saturday? What a Gyp!

I really need to post but I just haven't been inspired. I could write another boring "Here's my day" post or list some things in my purse but it's been done before by people way funnier than me.

Yesterday we got hit by a big blizzard. I know many of you have had snow all winter but in Cincinnati we've only had a few days of 1-2". It started snowing at 8:00 am and just kept going. We had a lot of events planned so I was expecting a busy and somewhat crappy day. We got the announcement about 11:30. The office was closing at noon! Everyone was freaking out like kids on a snow day. Laughing and making jokes people were rushing through their work so they could leave. We had 4 lunches scheduled and one of them was cancelled. Two more called and since it was too late to cancel asked us to pack up the lunches individually so the team could take them home. I left about 12:30, yay! I stopped at the gym and did a quick workout. **The guy in front of my on a bike was watching TV with his headphones. I guess he was watching something funny and was hysterical laughing out loud. I could hear him with my headphones on and he cracked me up. I had to keep pretending I was coughing so the person beside me wouldn't think I was a freak and laughing to myself.**

I spend the rest of the day watching my new favorite channel Investigation Discovery. It has lots of great shows about crime and detectives. I also watched Holmes on Homes. This guy Mike Holmes (who I have a mini crush on) comes in to help people who have been scammed by shady contractors. He fixes the mistakes and makes the house better than before. I <3 this show and sadly watched 3 hours of it. Through all this, it was still snowing really hard.
I kept checking outside and it was coming down.

So this morning I woke up to 10-12" covering everything. It was so quiet and peaceful I decided to stay in bed for a while. The cats snuggled around me with the boys on either side of me and my princess on my chest purring loudly. Next thing I know I am waking up at 11:30! My body loves routine so I try to keep my weekday hours during the weekend so I NEVER sleep that late. I played some computer games and watched some more TV.

Finally I decided I needed to shovel out the driveway. I borrowed a shovel from my neighbors and got started. Please keep in mind I'm from NC. We don't get much snow and never enough to shovel. I've seen snow before at my grandparents but they have a lot of land and have a plow on their tractor. I've never shoveled snow before. Holy crap. That is freaking hard work. Aparently my driveway is a million miles long. I started at 3:45 and didn't finish until 6:oo. That's over TWO HOURS of shoveling. Let me repeat TWO.HOURS. I started in long johns, ski pants, long sleeved tee, ski jacket, gloves and a hat. I got hot and took my gloves off. It turns out maybe that was a terrible idea. I now have two blisters on my hands.

I had seen people shoveling yesterday and could not figure this out. It was snowing and we were supposed to get a lot more. Why shovel now? Yeah, I'm an idiot. Turns out it's easier to shovel a few inches two or three times than 10" at once. I am also aparently the slowest shoveler in the world. I was about halfway done and the kid across the street came out. It seemed like he was out there about 10 minutes and was done. To make myself feel better I pretended he did a crap job but I walked by later and it was totally clear. What a jerk. He made me lose the gold medal in shoveling. I'm going by later tonight to throw water on his steps. Ha ha, shovel that kid.

So as a reward I got myself Burger King and I'm sitting on the couch with a heating pad on my aching old lady back. My house is still a mess and I need to salt the driveway to finish the job but for now, it's time to relax.

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