Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some Reasons Why Today Sucks

Things are not all smiles at the Inner Monologue today. Lists, blah, whatever...
1. One of my cats has began a new ritual of howling and scratching the wall by my bed EXACTLY one hour before my alarm is set to go off. It's like he watches me set the alarm and starts plotting the evil.
2. He is not hurt, just bored and possibly very stupid. The minute I sit up in bed to yell, spray him with water, throw a pillow he looks over at me like "oh, there you are" and cuddles up purring beside me. I am convinced he is an ass.
3. It's raining and gray and cold. Yesterday was sunny and warm. WTF Mother Nature?
4. Because of the constant 12 hours of rain I have water dripping into my basement. Of the house we're trying to sell. Awesome. So I spent part of my morning throwing (literally) rags near the walls to try to stop the drips.
5. This is the first week I have faithfully stuck to my Weight Watchers points. And I went to the gym 4 days. So naturally I gain weight for the first time in a month and a half. And not just some weight, the exact amount that I lost last week.
6. I work in a job where I deal with food. I always offer the leftovers to other people in the company after the meeting is over. I am going to stab the next person who asks "are these leftovers?" when they clearly aren't. "You mean this cheesecake, on a full tray of cheesecake, on a cart filled with clearly untouched food, at 10:30 AM? Oh yeah, this is leftover!" Asshats.

Seriously people, it's not even noon yet and 6 things have made me want to run my car off a bridge. I promise tomorrow I'll be all sunshine and rainbows again. For right now, hide the stabbing tools and let me sit quietly muttering to myself. It's that kind of day.


Celia said...
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Adam said...

I like posts about Captain Awesome the most. He was probably too busy being great to make your blog this time around.