Monday, April 28, 2008


Captain Awesome and I had a long talk last week. We weighed everything out, pros and cons, and decided that is was no longer worth it for me to stay in Cincinnati. After looking at a calendar we decided that I will move down to NC the week before Memorial day. I'm super excited for our little family to be reunited. Luckily, the Captain's job is paying for movers to pack all our stuff and get it to NC. We will be renting a house in NC so the movers can take things directly from here to there and we won't need to store anything. So, Yay!

I've been alternating between happiness and oh my god I'm moving across the country in a month. I feel like I've got things under control but then I think of fifty million more things I need to do before the move. Of course the Captain is doing what he can and getting the house set up down there which is very helpful. And the fact that I don't have to pack or lift anything makes me smiley. I have a notebook full of lists and made a calendar of when I should do different things like canceling utilites and forwarding the mail. There is also a list of what is going in the car with me including 3 cats and 2 litter boxes. Yet I'm still feeling anxious.

My parents have volunteered to come up and help. Also, the Captain has talked about flying up. But it just doesn't make sense considering how high gas prices (and airfare) are getting. When we moved to Cincy, Captain was up here about a month before me so I coordinated the move and everything was fine so in my brain I know I can do it with a minimum of fuss. But still.... It's nice to have someone there just in case. Someone to help with the disgusting cleaning that has to be done after all the furniture is moved out. Someone to help wrangle the cats into their crates and talk over their complaining. Someone to ride with me and get gas on the 12 hour drive. Instead I'll have to trick my friends and maybe some relatives to come help me. Then pop in a book on CD and just go for it.

I swear I did not plan for this to be a pity party. I've reached my whining limit for the month and I'm not really upset or sad about any of this. I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday and moving day just can't come fast enough. Patience has never been my strong suit. As soon as I decide to do something I just want to make it happen. I've scheduled lots of activities plus I'll work up until the end so hopefully that will distract me. So count down to moving day begins now, T minus 22 days. NC or Bust!


Wickedly Scarlett said...

How exciting for you!!! I hope the time flies for you, and that the moving process goes smoothly. And I love a book on CD during long car trips--they make those hours driving through the middle of nowhere so much more enjoyable :)

L Sass said...

Even though you have some work ahead of you, this is going to be great! You get to be with your hubby! HOORAY!!

Vaguely Urban said...

Good luck with the move! I know you'll get through just fine, and then you and the Cap'n will be together!