Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nerd Alert

Most of you know by now I am giant nerd. I love the library and love trying new styles and authors. Recently I've been on a culinary kick and been reading biographies of chefs and histories of food. Last time I was wandering the library I noticed a title that jogged my memory. Keeping with my nerdiness theme I listen to NPR probably too much. I heard this author talking about the book and was super interested, then promptly forgot about it. It's not a work of great literature that has a global theme and will teach me about myself.

It's All the Presidents' Pastries by Roland Mesnier. Yes, I am reading a book about desserts in the White House. And the really sad part? I LOVE it. I was up until midnight reading it and brought it to work so I could read more at lunch.

Chef Mesnier was raised poor in France and traveled all over the world learning about desserts. His specialty is spun sugar and he can craft it into any shape. So far he has talked about the Carters and the Reagans but I'm only halfway through. He doesn't talk about politics but more about personalities. I highly recommend it.

And my book club book for Tuesday, is sitting sadly on my night stand where I've abandoned it for red, white and blue sorbets and French pastries.

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