Friday, August 1, 2008

So Sleepy....Zzzzzzzz

Damn, I was really trying to post more than once a week but the planets aligned to keep me away from the keyboard. (I accidentally typed "the plants aligned" which cracked me up, see? tired). ANYWAY, The Captain had knee surgery on Wednesday after a month of pain and limping around. He has an amazing doctor who helped convince him to get it done even though no one was 100% sure what was wrong. The surgery went well and they found a tear which was repaired so yay. The downside is that since Wednesday at 5am I have been nursing my dear sweet husband who cannot walk and is in serious pain.

He has been great and not at all abused this but it still takes a toll. He's not sleeping well so I am listening for his movements all night. I am scared I'm going to kick him in the bad knee so I try to lie super still. Also, if he falls while on crutches I'm not sure I could get him back up so I follow him around while he tries to go to the bathroom (PS, he hates this). Long story (kind of) short, neither one of us is sleeping. Awesome!

While he's sick he likes us to hang out together which is so sweet and I love it when he wants to spend time with me. But before I can sit down I have to get him drinks, settle his pillows, get myself food/drinks, do a quick load of laundry/load dishwasher/make bed/insert other boring household chore, etc. So it's less relaxing for me. But C? Why are you worring about the house? Well internets, in order to help me out and let me do little things like getting perscriptions filled and going to work, my in-laws have been coming over and sitting with the Captain. I truely, truely appreciate their help but I can't leave the house a disaster. (yes, I probably could but a tiny part of me still wants to impress them and convince them that yes, I'm worthy of your beautiful baby boy).

Do you like how I made his painful surgery about me? It's a gift really.

Add on to that, our house in Cincinnati is closing on Monday and although we took care of most of it before the surgery a few things have come up that I have to take care of. Boo.

The bright spot in my day is that it's the 1st. That means Calendar Flipping Day! There's something about tearing off a page covered in notes, dates, names, etc to reveal a fresh clean white page that's super satisfying to the anal retentive person in me. And in my office I get to flip 5 calendars! Plus the one at home and the white board. So except for the crippled husband, money crap and exhaustion it's a pretty good day.

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