Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Random Comments and An Apology

Apology first: Captain Awesome I am SO sorry for accidentally kicking you in your bad knee this morning while I groggily searched for the snooze button. I think I mumbled some apologies but I really do feel bad about it. I wanted to put it out on the World Wide Web to prove how sorry I am.

Random #1: Kind of a rant but also an interesting comment on the workings of a person's mind. I am in a customer service position so I talk on the phone and see people all day. On any given day I talk to 20-25 people on the phone and an additional 10-15 in person. Please, please, please do not begin any phone conversation with "Remember I talked to you last week?" People, I love you but no, I do not remember the 30 second conversation we had where you did not even give me your name. I also don't remember what you ordered last month. If you're patient I will happily find the information for you but I don't have the kind of Rain Man mind that recalls all details throughout time. Why is it so important to these people (mostly men) that I remember their little requests? If you order thousands of dollars of merchandise or we talk on the phone every day then I may remember you. Otherwise, just give me your order without the trip down memory lane.

Random #2: So you know how we're supposed to drink around 8 glasses of water a day? I'm not even a little close. For example yesterday, I brought a large 12oz cup of juice to work. When I got in my car at the end of my 9 hour day (including lunch) I poured 1/3 down the drain. Because I'm all science-y I've been experimenting with different drinks but it hasn't made any difference. I really think some of it is the freezing temperature in my office but I should be drinking more than that right? I try to avoid coffee but I think I may have to start making it in the a.m. just to trick my body into drinking more liquids. I don't ever really feel thirsty but I've noticed my skin is drier than normal and I'm shallow enough that the only reason I may make a healthy change to my life is when it affects my outward appearance. Any suggestions?

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