Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maybe Cheap Clothes ARE the Answer

Although you'd never know it by my bank balance, I am pretty stingy about spending money on clothes. I spend days drooling over magazines and then try to recreate the looks at Target, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy. Quick Aside, the "Flirt" jean is now my new favorite of all time. Seriously I have never had a jean that fits my odd ass-size to leg-length ratio. I have also been known to by jeans at Steve and Barrys and shirts at Charlotte Russe. I know these clothes will fall apart after one season and that will allow me to buy more $2 shirts. Yay!

One of the other mysteries of cheap clothes is that the pants (jeans and "biznass" pants alike) will stretch after a few wearings and (mostly) snap back after washing. I think I'm normal and wear jeans a couple times before washing them-please don't think I'm gross. Also, let me clarify "cheap". I mean inexpensive, not trashy looking....except for some of the Charlotte Russe shirts. They are cheap in all sense of the word.

During my constant but not very serious quest to keep my weight to reasonable numbers (aka a pretend number/size I made up in my head) I try to avoid constantly weighing myself since it leads me to a downward spiral that can only be fixed by cake or ice cream or cake AND ice cream. So to help keep me on track I mostly judge my weight by how my clothes fit. Are you seeing how this random paragraph ties in? Hopefully?

So day one after cheap pants are washed they fit well and maybe a little bit snug but no pulling or anything. I do the old jean stretching exercises and am fine. Second wearing, "wow these are loose, I must be loosing some weight, but they still look good". Third wearing, "hmm, these are getting kind of baggy, have I lost an entire size this week?"

See how easily I can live in denial and fool myself? I know I bought cheap clothes and I know they stretch. But the stretching helps me delude myself into thinking I'm losing weight so everyone's happy.

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