Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seriously Brain?

Part of my job is to write the date. I write it easily 100 times a day. Nothing fancy just month/day/year. So it's a max of 6 numbers on any given day. I also have three calendars in my line of sight.
Mondays I usually can plan on not knowing the day for the first couple times. When the month changes it takes me a day to remember. September started 9 days ago and I STILL am writing 8 on everything. Come on brain. Catch up. This happens 12 times a year, every year for my entire 28 years on this planet. How does it manage to surprise me every time.
Today I'm about to give up all together. I just realized that for over 1/2 the day I have written 2006 on everything. Yes, I have gone back in time 2 years. I am an idiot.

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