Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I know I've mentioned before how conservative and, for lack of a better word, redneck my employers are. I don't agree with some of their views on the world and conversation has been tricky around this election but otherwise we co-exist in harmony.

One of the owners is a single guy in his mid to late 30's. He is a huge hunter and has been talking about hunting season for months now. He goes out drinking almost every night with his buddies. They have a group of younger (not gross younger, in their 20's) women who hang out with them for free drinks. His friends come over at closing time any night of the week if they can't drive home since he lives close to their regular bar. Basically he is wilder at 36 than I was at 21.

We were talking about our weekend plans and I mentioned going to the beer fest. It's an afternoon festival at a park where there are bands and beer. Fun but not a wild time. My boss looks me in the eye and says "I'm too old for that wild time." I was so surprised I couldn't think of anything to say. I guess day time drinking is much wilder than night drinking?

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