Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Weeks in Five Paragraphs

Hi strangers! Once again I've been neglecting my poor little blog. I wish I could say I've been busy having great adventures but really I just kind of got lost in the real world day to day minutiae.

We had a great time at our friend's wedding and the weekend of being pulled in different directions by our families wasn't as bad as I thought. I know, no one's shocked. I spend a good amount of time with my family and then we got almost everyone together for brunch on Sunday. Five of the Captain's fmily plus three from mine plus us equals a fun brunch. Unfortunately I picked up a cold and Sunday my throat was killing me. I was sick for about 4 days when I couldn't really do anything but blow my nose and attempt to sleep sitting straight up.

I'm still trying to find a job and getting more frustrated by it. I signed up with another temp agency and they've gone MIA on me. I email my contact every week and every week I get a reply that she's "sending out my information" I'm sure the horrible economy isn't helping but come on, I'm educated and young, just give me a chance! I've been filling out applications at the mall to get some extra money for the holidays so hopefully one of those will pan out. And I won't spend all my extra money at the mall. I really can't complain because I do HAVE a job and I have a wonderful husband who supports me.

We've got a couple big things coming up like the Beer festival this weekend. One of the Captain's friends is coming down and we've lined up our driver so we can avoid finding parking. (And avoid a dui) He's a great guy but pretty quiet. He and the Captain will probably do some guy exploring so I won't be "hostessing" all weekend. I've got a new recipe for pumpkin pancakes and plan to dazzle him with my abilities.

The weekend after that is my in-law's 25th anniversary. My sister-in-law and her Grandmother are planning a surprise party for them. My experience in catering and event planning is tripping me up since I feel like they're making some mistakes and making things harder than necessary but I am not in charge. I have offered to help with anything and have not been taken up on it so I'm going to go with the flow if it kills me. I'm very disappointed because I feel like we could make this party great and stay in our limited budget but I'm still the "in-law" and can't really throw my weight around. I've expressed my feelings to the Captain and he agrees with them but all his suggestions have been pushed aside also. I think it will be a last minute scramble but in the end I'm sure my in-laws will not be worried about the fact that there's no glasses for wine and just appreciate the gesture.

All in all I'm still meeting new people here and trying new things. The house is starting to feel like home and I don't get lost every time I leave my house. I've got plans, it's fall and life is pretty good.

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