Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

*Fair Warning: Title is my extra cliche'd way of tying together 3 completely unrelated thoughts*

The Good:
The inauguration was amazing. I watched all morning and then listened to public radio the rest of the day (nerd alert!). I am completely caught up in all the hopefulness and joy this new president inspires in people. I shed some tears and clapped when the oath was official. I got chills during the speech. I am ready to work hard and make this country great again.

Also, I am still surprised at the ignorance of a small but vocal section of the country. I've done my share of trash talking but I have always directed it to specific actions (ie the poor handling of international politics) NOT a person's physical characteristics. This part isn't good but I had to mention it because it makes me crazy!

The Bad:
I made applesauce last night in an attempt to use up the nasty red apples that came in various fruit baskets we got over the holidays. It was surprisingly easy and delicious. The bad was after I put it in the blender to get rid of the last chunks. Instead of lifting the whole pitcher out and pouring it easily into the gladware, I somehow unscrewed only the glass part and the applesauce flowed lava-like onto the blender and counter. Luckily I had just cleaned the counters so I just scraped it all into the container and hoped for the best.

The Ugly:
After 4 months of excuses I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym again. I really enjoyed it in Cincy but due to lack of money and extra laziness I never got back in to it. So last night I sweated my way through an embarrasingly short workout. Ugh, thank godness I am not trying to pick any guys up. I don't think the bright red face, sweating and panting look is hot right now.


Girl from Pennsylvania said...

Okay, so I can admit that I clapped and cried a little too!

In regards to the red face, I also get a red chest and arms. Good thing my husband loves me and I work out at home!

liberal foodie said...

oh, oh and neither is bikini top in place of a sports bra and a normal shirt. Last week, some girl was working out on the elliptical next to mine, with a bikini top and jogging pants in the men's area of the Urban Active. whaaaaa?