Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Dead Yet

This weekend I...well, let's see...there, not that..maybe...nope, well, hmmm. Ah yes, now I remember. I spend the entire weekend breathing through my mouth and drinking cup after cup of hot tea to soothe my firey throat. Oh yes my friends, I have caught another cold bringing the grand total to 2,456,965 (with rounding). Seriously 2009, enough with the head colds. I've been buying kleenex by the case and I'm sure my neighbors have seen me stumble outside in slippers and pj's often enough to consider calling the police. And my great "work-out 3 times a week" plan? Yeah, not going so well considering walking from my couch to the stove makes me want to take a nap.

I've tried everything, taken airborne, vitamin C, drank gallons of OJ, washed my hands, etc and I still keep getting infected. I took some old perscription cough medicine last night to help me sleep and man that stuff is strong. I felt drunk the first half of the day which I guess is better than feeling like I got hit by a truck. I am also declaring a red and peeling nose the must-have accessory for January. It goes so well with the bags under my eyes. I am a vision of lovelyness.

My goals for next weekend are: 1. Don't have a cold and 2. Leave the house.
It's ambitious but I think I can handle it.

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