Friday, February 6, 2009

Wordy Wednesday-Friday Edition

Yep, so I blew it 4 weeks in. Really it was for your own good. No one wanted to read yet another whiny post about how sick I was. I survived most of the day Wednesday at work mostly by taking 1 minute naps at my desk. Several times I woke myself up snoring, I'm klassy like that.

BUT I'm feeling better, we're supposed to get some warmer weather this weekend, I've got plans for lunch AND I'm going to a chocolate festival this weekend so all it right with the world. I also discovered the secret for picking out cute outfits. Take a strong cough syrup then wake up several times a night for about a week. Somewhere in the haze your brain will put together pieces in your wardrobe that actually look good. I wore a sweater yesterday I haven't touched all winter because I couldn't figure out what shirt to wear with it. Thanks codine cough syrup!

Last night The Captain made dinner for the first time almost completely by himself and it was awesome! Of course he's cooked a frozen pizza or made some noodles but this was a whole meal. We had ground chicken burritos, spicy refried beans, rice and tortillas. He did ask me to supervise but I am terrible at explaining why I do certain things. Like cutting up the meat as you brown it. I just know it's easier.

Here is my half assed Wordy Wednesday:
The Curious Incident of a Dog in Night-Time by Mark Haddon
For full disclosure I read this as part of the January discussion on Very Bookish. It was one that had been on my list for forever but I'd passed over for fluffier Lisa Jewell or Marion Keyes books. I was turned off by the back cover blurb but it was amazing. It's written from the point of view of an autistic boy so everything is filtered through his logical but emotionally void mind. Read the comments on Very bookish for more insightful comments. Just know that I really enjoyed it and would read it again.

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