Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Knows and Who's Just Talking?

With 4 strong willed women in my house growing up there was a lot of talking and even more opinions. It drove my scientist dad CRAZY whenever we would just start answering questions without having any knowledge of the subject (besides what we made up in our minds). This phrase was commonly used to cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of the matter.

I find myself using it more and more in my adult life. Especially during this past election year when the muck-raking (or is it mud raking?) was going full force and there were daily "scandals" showing just how terrible one politician was because they did/associated with/gave money to "X". I assure you I was not an very informed voter and usually didn't know the details behind the daily drama. Whenever a friend or stranger tried to fill me in on the "truth" of the matter that little phrase repeated in my head. Even now during this historic administrations first month there are always people who know the truth. And even when I agree with them I force myself to remember "Who knows, and who's just talking?" More often it's the latter than the former.

And in the worse segue ever, I do KNOW that Circa 1922 is now one my new favorite restaurants. The menu is different without being pretentious, they have a wide range of options and their portion size is perfect. Oh yes, this will be my new "special occasion" restaurant.

After reading over this post I also now KNOW that I use way too many quotation marks. "See?" "Great!"Now I can't "Stop" "Help!"

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