Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finally Motivated

Last night I'd had enough of sitting around. When I got back from the gym I got the excellent news that the people buying our couch were coming to get it that night! We got the Captain's parent's old super comfy sectional when they moved to a smaller house. It was huge and weirdly brown/pink plaid but we loved it. We could both completely stretch out and there was room for kitties and blankets and books and whatever else we vegged out with. But again, huge. We specifically had to look for houses with big family rooms-huge. Our current house has a long narrow family room and eventually I got tired of having to walk sideways by the couch with a basket of clean clothes, cleaning supplies, christmas decorations, etc.

So we used the magic of Craigslist to find a loving home for our beloved sectional. Last night it moved to it's new house and we moved a recliner and a smaller couch in it's place. I can't believe how big the room looks now. Of course the cats immediately claimed the chair for themselves so once again, the Captain and I are squeezed onto a smaller couch.

Then (I know! Two activities in one night!) with our couch money burning a hole in our pockets we FINALLY went to the cell phone store and got our phones upgraded. The Captain hates cell phones and only uses his for emergencies, and I really liked my original phone so we never upgraded. Four years later, we decided it was time. We both got plain, no frills flip-phones (although mine plays music) AND The Captain decided we could spring for a cheap texting package. I feel so fancy! And behind the times. But mostly fancy.

Tonight when I get home I can walk by my couch with my arms spread wide and text someone. It's a wild party life I lead here people.

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Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I am with you on the phone deal. I have a phone that does a whole bunch of crap. Know what I use it for? To call people. It has MP3, walkman capabilities, camera, video, blah blah blah. I picked it bc it was red.

Red is my favorite color.