Monday, March 2, 2009

Me-Shape Imprint on the Couch

What's been going on Internet? What's up with me? Nothing. No seriously, absolutely nothing. Hence the lack of posts. I couldn't even think of some random weather related comment. Oh, here's one: Winter can kiss my ass.
The end.

It's been stupidly boring and I can't seem to motivate myself to make anything happen. The Captain got two bad illnesses two weeks in a row so the end of February (including his b-day) was mostly me working, taking him to the doctor, checking on him, giving him ear drops, going to the pharmacy, etc. I know no one wanted to read an exciting post about doctor's waiting rooms. Luckily he's all better now.

Then the weather decided to sink me even further into the end of winter blahs by making three days straight of hard rain. So another weekend was spent shivering under a blanket watching trash TV and playing Hidden Object games.

I did cook two new dishes last week which turned out pretty well. The Captain was too sick for a birthday dinner so I made chicken and pasta with a super rich and garlicky sauce on the side. He ate it and I OD'd on garlic and it was good. I also tried BBQ chicken calzones using pizza dough as a cheat. The sauce was overwhelming so next time I think I'll halve it.

Otherwise, not much happening. We're traveling next weekend and the 19th so hopefully I'll have some funny/interesting stories soon. Stay Tuned!

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