Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am freezing. Due to some ridiculously high power bills I am trying to keep the heat lower. If I had my way it would stay at a comfortable 78 degrees. The Captain is naturally warmer than me so we had compromised at 69. Also we are middle school boys. I turned it down to 66 to try to save a few pennies (I just typed pennis-again, middle school boys.). I'm usually only here for dinner and to sleep so I don't really need it to be super warm. I have my electric blanket at night but between coming home and getting into bed I have gotten creative with my wardrobe.

First of all I change immediately after coming home. Usually it's because I come straight from the gym and need to change out of my sweaty work-out clothes. I put on pajamas because, why not? I CANNOT sleep with anything close to my neck or I feel like I'm being strangled so I have lots of thin strapped nightgowns and tank tops. In order to get some layers I have been wearing pj pants underneath my nightgowns. But C, you say, the dresses over pants thing is over and done. Well I like it, and obviously I am super behind the trends, I started a blog in 2008 for god's sakes. Anyway, the sleeveless nightgowns still leave me cold so I put on a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt over top of all this mess. I am toasty warm but look like a homeless person.

To finish off my ensemble (you have to say it in a snooty French accent) I wear my blue fuzzy slippers. I had a pair similar to this in college that I wore all the time. Not just in the house but while visiting neighbors, driving around, any where during exams. They were SUPER comfortable but very ratty looking. The Captain MADE me get rid of them when we got married. He never criticizes my clothes so when he made a big deal about it I gave in. But because I am spiteful and stubborn I went out and got a pair just like them.

Fuzzy Blue Slippers

And to prove my feet are not freakishly huge,
see, it's the slippers

I bet Captain Awesome can't wait to see me in a couple weeks when I post sexy outfits like this

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