Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Word Salad

I have a lot swirling around in my brain so I'm going with the old standby...
  • I went home sick yesterday. I felt crappy on Sunday but I assumed it was the wine and beer and food. Turns out I had a 24 hour bug. I made it to work and then I smelled stale cigarette smoke on someone and started gagging. After I made it out of the bathroom I went home and went straight to bed. I NEVER nap but I slept for 6 hours.
  • This makes me worry about having morning sickness when I get pregnant. My mom had morning sickness with all her kids for the first trimester. On the one hand, yay not gaining a quadrillion pounds right away. On the other hand, I could barely function yesterday morning and the idea of that for 12 weeks straight sounds horrible.
  • I feel MUCH better today.
  • I got a spa gift certificate and made the appointment for yesterday evening. I felt better when I get up from my nap so I kept the appointment. I highly recommend SIA Spa in Cincinnati. The place is gorgeous and everyone on the staff I met with was super helpful and friendly. I was one of the last people there and no one was rushing me out.
  • I had a bikini wax with hard wax instead of the strips. I will never go back. Tricia was my waxer and she was funny and really fast. Two things I look for in a waxer.
  • I also had my first facial ever. I love it more than life itself. So relaxing and my skin looks amazing. My face was dried out and you could see my massive pores and fine lines. The Vitamin C facial made my skin glow and no more fine lines! Now I just have to keep it up.
  • The first rule of blogging is "Thou shalt not talk about the weather since everyone thinks it's boring" And now I'll break it by saying it is damn cold and this wind may kill me. It snowed yesterday and we're supposed to get more tonight. Really winter?!? Really? I hope the blogging gods won't smite me.
  • After blowing my diet this weekend and not working out because I felt so bad I was not expecting good numbers for the "weigh-in" today. Yay! I lost 1.8 pounds bringing my grand total to 4.5 pounds in 4 weeks. Slowly but surely I'll get there.
  • Walking around I have a permanent goofy smile on my face. I get to see Captain Awesome in three more days! I can't believe how giddy I still get when I see him, even after being married for 5 years.
  • My book club is meeting at my house and I am blowing the diet again by making cheese fondue with French bread and green apples. Oh well.....bring on the wine!

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