Monday, March 31, 2008

Feasting Weekend

Hello darling blog-world! I woke up this morning and realized, Wow! I'm leaving for NC on Wednesday...of this two days! How did this happen? especially since I talked to Captain Awesome twice this weekend about things he wanted me to bring down? Here's what my brain had been thinking; my flight is for April 2nd. It's now March. So logically I won't be leaving for a month. Ta-Da! (Now you get an idea of what Captain Awesome lives with every day. Isn't he lucky?) (Also, while editing this post I realized I typed "thinkin" because I'm a hillbilly.) I am usually pretty organized when it comes to packing. I write out a list of things to pack in the suitcase, things to carry on and things to do. I've already discussed my clean house before I leave for vacation problem. I don't feel too stressed right now since I'm in the wedding I have an outfit for that. Plus rehearsal dinner and then it's just look pretty clothes. It will be warm in NC so I don't need my usual 1 million sweaters, socks, hat, etc crap that takes up space. I'm carrying on my bridesmaid's dress and the Captain's suit to make sure there's no last minute crisis's.

As I mentioned before I've been watching my calories and working out in order to be pretty for my sister's wedding. So naturally this weekend I ate everything fried, sugary or high in calories I laid my eyes on. Friday I had a doughnut for breakfast and then mac and cheese for dinner (plus lunch but it was semi-healthy). Then a friend called and wanted to go out and who was I to refuse? I was tired so I had some vodka red bulls and then switched to light beer. As we were driving home we passed a Steak n Shake which is open 24 hours! In my slightly tipsy state I decided I needed onion rings and a big chocolate milkshake. And it was delicious! Then I went home and crashed.

Saturday I was a total slug and watched TV for most of the morning (ok, really until about 1pm) and snacking on dried apricots and dark chocolate. A friend called to see if I wanted to go hiking but my lazy ass and tired legs declined for me. Plus we had an open house on Sunday and I needed to pretty up the house (ie
mopping the basement floor (yuck) and cleaning bathrooms (even worse) and vacuuming up cat hair tumbleweeds (ew)). After about 2 hours of cleaning I had just enough time to shower, change clothes 100 times and meet the book club for a super yummy dinner. We went here which was amazing. I ate split pea and crab dip, yummy wine, the tenderest pork belly I've ever had with lentils and walnuts and then cake. Plus we all tasted each other's dishes. My pork was incredible but I also loved the scallops. They have a Duck Sloppy Joe that Captain Awesome would have loved.

Sunday I got up early (for me, on a Sunday-about 9) and did last minute cleaning and getting ready. The open house was from 12-2 so I took my laptop to Starbucks (I know, so yuppie of me). I had a grande chai latte (Mmmm) and then went to the gym.
*Quick note about the gym, I love my facility but I am still not in love with the actual working out part. I have to be distracted by TV or music so I don't quit after 5 minutes because boo, tired and sweating and bored. There was only TWO elliptical machines with TV's working and they were both in use. I seriously almost went home. I "ran" on a treadmill until one of the machines became available. God, Starbucks and a gym complaint? I am starting to hate myself at this point.*

I came home and got changed and then was reading on my bed for a while. About 6pm I fed the cats and went downstairs. I went to the bathroom and had pain. I started to get pissed (no pun intended) about possibly getting a UTI right before the wedding and this better not be any flu or crap like that. And how was I going to fit in a Dr. appointment before I left and maybe they could just call some antibiotics in for me, etc. And then I realized I had not eaten anything except my latte that day. People, this is huge for me. I'm not the type of person to miss meals, EVER. I eat three plus times per day. I hear other people talk about how they just forgot to eat all day and I think, HOW??? The pain I had was my stomach eating itself alive. And it wanted Penn Station sausage and pepper sandwich and fries. I got home and promptly ate it in about 5 seconds.

The rest of the night included moaning on the coach how much my stomach hurt and eating Tums and lots of pretty lady-like burping. Because I'm Klassy like that.

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Vaguely Urban said...

Hope the wedding was lots of fun! Your post has inspired me to work out today!