Friday, April 11, 2008

Too Much Information...Hurting My Brain

Yes it has now been 10 days since I last posted. My semi-excuse is I was busy traveling and helping with my sister's wedding but I didn't leave until April 2nd and got back on Monday. What was my problem the other days? One word: Procrastination. I had SO much I wanted to say about the wedding (beautiful and fun) and traveling (awful) and other stuff in general (whining) that I knew it would be a massive boring post. So I just put my fingers in my ears and hummed quietly while looking at shiny stuff.

So I'm going with my old standby-BULLET POINTS!!! Yeah!

  • This was one of the funnest weddings I have ever been to, great people, great DJ and perfectly planned by my mom and sister
  • L (my sister) was a WONDERFUL bride. Not only was she gorgeous (damn her) but she was calm and friendly and made all her guests feel extremely welcome and special.
  • C (her husband (!)) is a great guy and they are very compatible. He was charming and took time to talk to everyone.
  • I got teared up watching his face when he saw L for the first time. They are obviously in love.
  • Open bar + yummy steak AND chicken dinner=happy happy Celia
  • Got to spend time with Captain Awesome!!!
  • He was the MVP of the wedding
  • There was a problem with L's wedding ring. She got it shipped to her and they messed up the order. Then the shipper (rhymes with MedMex) LOST the package on the Thursday before the wedding. After MANY phone calls, each one crabbier than the last we finally located the package at 1pm on the day of the wedding, which started at 5. Captain drove 30 miles in his suit in the rain and arrived in time for pictures at 3pm.
  • My brother is an awesome dancer.
  • My youngest sister (who is 20) is beautiful and fun. Many guys were hitting on her but no one made it through the screening process of her brother and two brother-in-laws. It was so sweet how protective of her they are.
  • I think it should be a law that the last song of a wedding reception should be Shout. It gets everyone on the floor and ends on a high note.
  • All the bridesmaids ditched their high heels for flip flops in the car on the way to the reception.
  • I hate flying. Not the "in the air" part but the waiting in a cold airport with no food, then waiting in line to get on the plane, then waiting on the plane, then waiting in line to get off the plane, then waiting to get your bags.
  • Please don't suggest I carry bags on. I always pack too much and I hate carrying a bag. The faster the massive one ton suitcase gets out of my hands the better.
  • I flew SkyBus....and got stuck in NC after they shut down on Saturday.
  • My return ticket (one way) was more than my ticket on Skybus.
  • I had huge delays on my return flight. To go from NC to OH took about 8 hours.
  • I hate the DC airport.
  • I hate eating at the airport-it's so expensive and it's not that good.
  • Good News: I won't have to fly for at least 6 more months.
  • Bless you people who travel for work. I would have gone crazy and started stabbing people a long time ago.
I made it home and have been playing catch-up. Although I had fun I got no sleep so I've been exhausted. And I had to return to my "adult" life of paying bills and doing chores. Yeah Me!

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L Sass said...

What a great wedding! You make me miss MY sister so much.