Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mmmm Sleep

The human body is so funny. You can go for weeks with just a little sleep and feel fine. But the minute you have a chance to sleep, Boom! you're down for the count. I went out for a drink on Friday and ended up leaving at 11. I got home, put on my PJ's and ear plugs and slept. It was amazing. I woke up about 6:30 and went immediately back to sleep. I finally woke up at 11:30. Almost 12 hours of sleep and I feel great. I got some errands run, cleaned the house and met a friend for a movie. We went to a coffee house for a drink and a snack. **I always get the Brie snack there. It's melted Brie topped with honey, walnuts and dried cranberries. You dip apples in this little puddle of heaven.** At 11 I was yawning and tired again! This morning I was up early, met some family for brunch and then walked around the Art Museum and Krohn conservatory. We got back about 4 and I haven't left the couch yet.

I have a hard time allowing myself to be lazy on the weekends. I always feel like there is a million things I should be doing. I get antsy thinking about piles of laundry, dishes, tumbleweeds of cat hair and toothpaste crusted sinks. I also punish myself for not cooking healthy and delicious meals instead of just steaming veggies or making popcorn. I should go to the gym or hike in a park or take advantage of the cultural oportunities of my city instead of watching TV and playing games on the computer. I don't know if this is a female thing or just me. As much as I complain I really do like a clean house and good meals and hiking. I just don't love taking responsibility and doing them. I guess someday I'll figure out relaxing vs. being industrious. Until then, I have a few more hours of Law & Order to watch.

PS Try the Green Giant "Healthy Option" veggies. They steam in the microwave and are aweome!

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