Friday, March 28, 2008

What day is it again?

Happy Wednesday! What? It's freaking Friday? Damn it. I mean yay weekend and everything but where is my time going? Before I started this blog I read a lot and thought about stuff I could write about every day. And now, I got nothing. Partly because I'm a lazy ass who would rather watch L&O SVU instead of reaching all the way over to the other couch cushion and making my little fingers get all type-y.

I'll start first with some lame excuses. I have had a crazy couple days at work that involved not sitting down for two days while I ran around setting up meeting after meeting. And I'm getting excited about my sister's wedding and I've been doing prep stuff like getting my dress altered and going to the gym because I WILL lose 20 pounds in the next week. I met with my realtor Tuesday to discuss selling the house and I was emotionally drained after that. Plus the Captain is having a hard time and I worry about him.

And now on with the lame post. There is a guy I work with we'll call the Recycling Nazi or RN. Before you send hate mail or forward me emails please realize I do recycle and believe in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and global warming, etc. The RN takes the good act of recycling and makes it a punishment. Our company works toward being "green" but we're not perfect. We recycle cans, glass and plastic bottles. We also recycle white paper. The RN makes his team bring all other recyclable materials to his admin so that SHE can drive them to the recycling center once a week. She does not want to collect trash in her office and drive it in her car but he is such a baby she does it to shut him up. I have worked hard to make sure recycling bins are directly beside trash cans at my meetings so when people leave they can throw their plastic bottles into the bins instead of trashing them. This morning he came to me complaining because he looked in the trash can and someone had thrown away a plastic bottle. Seriously? I almost laughed in his face. I do not have the time or inclination to stand by all trash cans when people leave and throw by body at them if they try to throw a freaking aluminum can in the trash. And I'm certainly not picking through 1/2 drunk cups of coffee and danish crumbs to get the recyclables out.

Like I said, I agree that recycling is the right thing to do and we should encourage it. If the RN wants to save his trash and recycle it, more power to him. But when he starts creating more work or problems for me, he crosses the line between good citizen of the earth and asshat.

Now back to Jon & Kate plus 8 and 1/2 price Easter candy.

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L Sass said...

Oh please--that kind of person drives me crazy!!