Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Does This Look Ok?

Last night at the gym someone asked me this question about their work-out outfit. It was extremely awkward and weird. I (of course) gave the safe, nice answer of "It looks cute" with a lot of smiling and nodding. And then running away.

Everyone has asked that question at least once in their lives. Or there are people who need constant validation and ask their husbands this question every time they leave the house. And after getting the answer "You look nice" follow it up with an even more annoying question, "Just nice?". I would not know anything about these people and Captain Awesome doesn't either, so don't worry about asking him.

In general this is not a bad question to ask. Sometimes you just can't tell if the outfit you put together is a fashion risk or just scary. Sometimes you really can't see your ass in a dressing room mirror and need a second opinion. But there is a time and a place for asking this question. First of all you must ask someone you trust and who loves you. Not a stranger at the gym.

Rule number two is don't ask the question if there is no opportunity to change the outfit. This person had no other clothes with them so what were they going to do it I looked at them and said, "no, those cut off sweat pants make you look stumpy and they are too big." It would have been terrible for everyone. I don't mind giving my true opinion in a dressing room or at a store. I try to be constructive and offer alternates. Example: "You have such long legs I think you can really show them off better in these shorts." or "you must not realize how much weight you've lost, try a different size". See? Nicer but getting the point across.

The third rule is a good piece of Mom advice. If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question. I can't imagine this poor girl actually WANTED my opinion so I have to assume she was just fishing for compliments. At the gym. From a girl in a sweaty tank top and pants decorated with cat hair. Maybe she should find someone else for fashion advice next time.

*Yay me! I had my weigh in and I have lost 12 lbs since January! Rock On*

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