Friday, April 18, 2008

Shaking My Fist at the Sky

I'm sick. It's gross and my throat hurts and I feel like crap. Although I do have the sexy deep voice, that is only a little bit ruined by a hacking cough. Come on over boys! I am a huge baby when I'm sick so I've been lying on the couch eating junk and moaning.

Of course the weather is beautiful and I can see the sun shining on my pile of Kleenexes. I wish I could go outside and mow my jungle-like grass and admire my tulips but for right now I'm going to watch my 1 millionth episode of Law & Order and maybe take another nap.

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Sara and Dan Klick said...

I hope you feel better! There are worse ways to spend a day though - I love Law and Order! And I won't even mention how fond I am of naps.